Nuclear Silo

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[e][h]Terran Nuclear Silo
Building Information
100 100 50
600 1

The Nuclear Silo is an add-on to the Command Center that allows the Terran player to build and store one Nuclear Missile. Each armed Nuclear Missile costs eight supply, 200 minerals and 200 gas. Once it is armed, a Ghost can launch the Nuke.

The Nuclear Silo is used in the late game as it requires a long Terran tech tree, including the Science Facility with Covert Ops add-on. It is rarely seen in professional StarCraft games as the Comsat Station is used more often and thus considered more useful. As only one Nuclear Silo can be built per Command Center, Terran may build multiple Command Centers to execute multiple Nukes in quick succession due to the long build time.

  • The Nuclear Silo does not have any direct upgrade options as all enhancements for Nuke execution are executed at the Covert Ops.
  • If the attached Command Center lifts off, the Nuclear Silo loses its effectiveness.


Range: 8 (10 with Ocular Implants) Duration: 14 (+3 seconds for nuke to fall)
Launches a nuclear strike at the targeted spot by a Ghost.

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