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Nydus Canal

[e][h]Zerg Nydus Canal
Building Information
150 0 25
250 1
V  N

The Nydus Canal allows the Zerg player to instantly transport ground units between the two linked Nydus Canals. After the Nydus Canal is built, a second Nydus Canal (called a Nydus Canal Exit) can then be built on Creep anywhere on the map that is within vision. The original Nydus Canal and its complementary Canal Exit are then linked, allowing Zerg units to enter either Canal, immediately exiting out through its counterpart Canal. There is no cost in resources or drone to build each Canal Exit. The Nydus Canal is typically built to transport troops between distant bases.

  • If either end of the Nydus Canal is destroyed, the other one instantly dies as well.
  • The Nydus Canal Exit can be built on allied or enemy Creep as well as your own.
  • Only ground units can be transported by the Nydus Canal

Competitive Use[edit]

vs. Terran[edit]

Nydus Canals see the most usage in this match-up to quickly reinforce a distant base against Terran attack.

vs. Protoss[edit]

Nydus Canals are often seen in this match-up for defensive purposes, especially when Zerg goes for their 6 hatch/4 base style by taking around main/natural on the map. Rarely used offensively when Zerg uses a manner hatchery to contain the Protoss with a sunken contain.

vs. Zerg[edit]

Nydus Canals are rarely seen in this match-up as the game rarely reaches Hive tech. In the event it does, Nydus Canals are similarly used to quickly shift forces between distant bases for both offensive and defensive purposes.

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