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Odin2014 is a bot for Brood War, written by a group of Swedish students from Chalmers University of Technology. It is a Protoss AI based on UAlbertaBot, and uses Bayesian networks to predict what units the enemy is likely to use in the near future. It then adjusts its own build order to counter the predicted units. Opening strategies are chosen dynamically using the UCT algorithm: The openings that result in most wins (in proportion to losses) are chosen more often.

Odin2014 makes use of three different Bayesian networks, one for each race, and the structure of the networks is based on the opponent's tech tree. Depending on the race of the opponent, the corresponding network is loaded. The networks are pre-trained on data gathered from about 440 human professional replays and do not adjust themselves by playing games (that is, the AI does not learn the opponent's play style).

The bot places emphasis on Gateway units, in particular Zealots. This is in large part because it makes use of UAlbertaBot's Combat Manager which is very effictive micromanaging Zealots and Dragoons. Odin2014's version of the combat Manager also has added support for Reavers and Carriers, and the AI will train these late-game units if given time and oppurtunity.


  • Programmed by a team: Henrik Alburg, Filip Brynfors, Florian Minges, Björn Persson Mattsson and Jakob Svensson.
  • Björn Persson Mattsson also wrote Loki.


Heavy gateway play with mainly zealots. May add Dragoons and Reavers if given time.


None so far.