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Odyssey (iCCup map)

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Map Information
Spawn Positions:
4 at 2,4,8,10


Odyssey is a four spawn 2v2 map that was part of the iCCup Map Pack.

Notable Features[edit]

  • High ground middle: The centre of the map is formed by a big, open plateau
  • Huge mains: making air and drop based plays very effective
  • Harrassable double naturals: Each starting locations offers a backdoor natural with gas, additional to the normal front door natural with access to the middle. However, the mineral lines of each natural are only divided from the mineral lines of the adjacent backdoor expansion by a thin terrain barrier, allowing for easy harrassment and making it virtually impossible to take that expansion early on against an opponent spawning in the adjacent base.
  • Island expansions: next to the mains, blocked by an 8-valued mineral patch that needs to mined out first to prevent CC lifts from the mains.