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[e][h]Zerg Ogogo
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Lee Yong Bum
October 7, 1984 (1984-10-07) (age 36)
Alternate IDs:
Total Earnings:
WCG 2003
2003-06-?? — 2003-08-??
2003-08-?? — 2003-11-??
2004-03-?? — 2004-06-??
2004-08-06 — 2004-12-11

Lee "Ogogo" Yong Bum is a retired StarCraft progamer from South korea who played Zerg for Samsung KHAN.


After taking second place in the Korean qualifier for the WCG, losing to H.O.T-Forever in the finals, Ogogo made it to the finals of the actual 2003 WCG where he faced German player FiSheYe in a Bo3, which he won 2-1.

Ogogo struggled to find a proteam to settle into[citation needed]. This is partly because his father, acting as his manager, had been demanding more money than Ogogo was worth[citation needed]. Originally a member of Toona SG, he left after falling out with the management. He then joined KOR but soon left in June 2004 after accusations that he disrupted the team's chemistry[citation needed]. After failed negotiations[citation needed] with SK Telecom T1 and Hexatron, Ogogo signed with Samsung KHAN in August 2004. However, after an unimpressive run of games, he left the team and allowed his progaming license to expire[citation needed].

On the 12th of March, 2008, Ogogo was arrested and charged on suspicion of theft. It was alleged that in September of 2006, a group of people including Ogogo broke into an empty house and stole 18,000USD worth of cameras and other equipment.[1][2][3]


In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2003-10-18 A11st WCG 2003 2 : 1 Germany  Fisheye $20,000
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2003-08-17 A22nd WCG Korea 2003 0 : 1 South Korea  H.O.T-Forever

Complete Results in any Tournament

WCG Champion
WCG 2002
Preceded By:
South Korea  BoxeR
WCG 2003
18th October 2003 - 9th October 2004
South Korea  Ogogo
WCG 2004
Succeeded By:
South Korea  XellOs