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OnGameNet Challenge League

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[e][h]OnGameNet Challenge League
Series Information
South Korea South Korea
Start Date:
End Date:
Challenge League
Cumulative Prize Pool:
$ 0

The OnGameNet Challenge League (OCL for short), later named Dual Tournament Round 1 (ODT R1) and Star Challenge (OSC), was part of the qualification process to the OnGameNet Starleague. The format was first introduced in 2002 for SKY OSL.



2002 1st Challenge League[edit]

Round-robin format. Top two from each group advances to Dual Tournament. No playoffs.

2002 2nd Challenge League[edit]

Terran XellOs is the Panasonic OSL 4th seed.

2002 3rd Challenge League[edit]

Protoss Kingdom is the Olympus OSL 4th seed.

2003 1st Challenge League[edit]

Zerg Side is the MyCube OSL 4th seed.

2003 2nd Challenge League[edit]

Zerg GoRush is the NHN OSL 4th seed.

2003 3rd Challenge League[edit]

Terran XellOs is the Gillette OSL 4th seed.

2004 1st G-Voice Challenge League[edit]

Terran BoxeR is the 2004 EVER OSL 4th seed.

2004 2nd Gamevil Challenge League[edit]

Zerg ChoJJa is the IOPS OSL 4th seed.

2004 3rd CYON Challenge League[edit]

Protoss Stork is the 2005 EVER OSL 4th seed.

2005 1st Daum Direct Dual Tournament Round 1[edit]

Protoss Anytime is the So1 OSL 4th seed.

2005 2nd Nine Dragons Dual Tournament Round 1[edit]

Terran Midas is the 2005 ShinHan OSL 4th seed.

2005 3rd K-SWISS Dual Tournament Round 1[edit]

Terran Sea is the 2006 ShinHan OSL Season 1 4th seed.

2007 1st Star Challenge[edit]


Protoss Rock is the 2007 EVER OSL 4th seed.

2007 2nd Star Challenge[edit]

Protoss Much is the 2008 Bacchus OSL 4th seed.

2008 1st Star Challenge[edit]

The group winners did not progress since there was no playoffs. Also, the Dual Tournament was merged into the first round of the OSL.

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