Optical Flare

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[e][h]Optical Flare
Spell Information
Area of Effect:
Target Only
Researched from:
Research Cost:
Minerals 100 Vespene Gas 100 Build Time 75.2
Research Hotkey:

Optical Flare (or Optic Flare on Battle.net, Flare for short or sometimes Blind colloquially) is a spell cast by the Terran Medic. This spell can be cast on a single unit. The sight range of the targeted unit is permanently reduced to 1 matrix, unless the condition is Restored by a Medic. It also removes any detection ability that unit may possess. The affected unit will display a 'Blinded' tag in its information box when selected[1]. It will also affect units under the effect of Parasite. When both these spells are in effect the information box will only display the spell cast last.


Optical Flare is very rarely used in the game. Its mainly use is nullifying the detection ability of some units (as vision reduction can be nullified by using other units to scout). Doing so would give cloaked units an opportunity to do what they do best, but a more effective way of dealing with detecting units is killing them. The benefit of blinding detector units instead of killing them is that the opponent might not notice his lack of detection, as the blind effect does not show when multiple units are selected (unlike Parasite for example). In competitive gaming there hasn't been found a firm place for Flare but it appeared in some professional Starcraft games and can also be found in Pimpest Plays[2][3]. Blinding Observers to swoop in with Wraiths or launching a Nuke, or an Overlord to stall more with Mines are the tactical ideas behind this ability.

For discussion on use of Optical Flare in TvP see (I) Medic Flare versus Protoss, (Q) Optic Flare in TvP? and (I) Flare TvZ

In Combination with Other Spells[edit]


  • Flaring either or both Templars morphing into an Archon will result in a blinded Archon.
  • It is possible to Flare a Spider Mine. That way, it will only be triggered when the enemy unit is right on top of it, making it less likely the mine can be taken out before detonation. A drawback is that the Mine's attack range will be reduced.

Notable Games[edit]