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[e][h]Terran Oritaka
Player Information

Oritaka is a StarCraft Brood War AI, written by YOSHITAKA Hirai, from the University of Electro-Communications, Chofu, Tokyo, Japan.

Its main design concept is rule-based. The used units are SCV, Marine, Command Center, Supply Depot, and Barracks. Oritaka's SCV can collect resources such as minerals and gas, build structures, and scout the enemy bases. Barracks generate Marines. When the number of Marines reaches a certain number, they attack the enemy bases at once.

Oritaka.cpp consists of onStart and onFrame. A function onStart is called first. It does terrain analysis with BWTA and initializes parameters. A function onFrame is called every frame. It consists of drawing debug information, preprocessing, allocation of instructions, and execution of instructions.

The following information is displayed: debug information, the number of units of each type, the number of enemy units that are in sight, frame count, elapsed game time, map name, the place of mineral and oil field, appropriate place to build a resource depot, and name, id, order of each unit.

During preprocessing, the information used in the conditional expression of assignment instructions is calculated.

At allocation of instructions, my units are classified by their type and allocated a rule-base order. When some worker are allocated building orders, mineral_reserve that is necessary to ensure resources will be calculated.

At execution of instructions, my units are classified into tasks: task_train_scv, task_train_marine, task_set_rally_point, task_scout, task_attack, task_escape, task_build_command_center, task_refinary, task_build_supply_depot, task_build_barracks.



  • Uses BWTA, or BroodWar Terrain Analyzer.