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Overgas (vs Zerg)

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[e][h]ZergOvergas (vs Zerg)
Strategy Information
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The purpose of this build is to get a gas advantage over your opponent, which will result in a powerful timing attack, where you will have more Mutalisks than your opponent.

This is a one-basing build, and you will be playing very passively until your Mutalisks arrive. This build is particularly strong with easily defend-able ramps and small chokes to your main, so that you sometimes aren't forced into making a Sunken Colony.

Build Order[edit]

  • 9 Overlord
  • 9 Extractor
  • 11 Spawning Pool
  • 13 Lair


After you are getting your Lair you will have to adjust to what he is doing. If you are playing:

vs 9 Pool[edit]

Your build will be countering any 9 Pooling players since your Lair timing will be around the same, you have a better economy and you should be able to defend rather easily. Delay your 2nd Hatchery and get 8 Zerglings right away along with a Sunken, and then place the Hatchery when you have the money for it. This should stop any early Zergling aggression with ease.

Be sure to check if he is sending a Drone to make an offensive sunken colony. If you see a Drone you need to prevent it from throwing down the Sunken. If the Drone arrives before his Zerglings, pull Drones. If it's later you will have to micro your Zerglings well, because when he arrives at your base with his 6 initial Zerglings you will have 6 Zerglings of your own, and it is very important that you do not waste any of them! If your opponent successfully gets the Sunken Colony up he will be in a very advantageous position. Placing your 8 Zerglings on your ramp will also shut down any early aggression.

If you didn't lose any Drones to the Zergling rush you are very likely to be at a tremendous lead, since you have more Drones, one extra Hatchery and slightly more gas than your opponent. At this point it is safe to attack. You should have more Mutas and/or Scourge than him, so it is very possible to end the game right now unless he makes Spore Colonies, which will only put him further behind in economy. Add some Zerglings, take an expansion, and keep macroing up.

vs 12 Hatch / 12 Pool Expand[edit]

To continue the build order:

  • 13 Hatchery (in base)
  • Make 8 Zerglings

If you are playing on a map with a ramp, put your lings in a line as to prevent your opponents Zerglings to getting into your base. If you scout him continuously making Zerglings, make a Sunken Colony. You need to be very aware of his Zergling count or he will overrun you if you are not careful. Sometimes your 8 Zerglings are not enough, so when you're unsure if your 8 Zerglings, Sunken Colony and doing Drone Drills are enough, make an extra round of Zerglings.

When you have survived the initial Zergling pressure you will have 3-6 Mutalisks depending on you were forced into a Sunken or not. You will now face a 2 basing Zerg. If you don't scout any Spores you are very likely to end the game right here. If you do see Spores you can still do a lot of damage if they are poorly placed. For example, on some maps you can clear a path on his ramp and do a run-by. His main will be very vulnerable, and you can use your Mutalisks to stop his Zerglings to deal with your own Zerglings. Also if your opponent only makes one Spore Colony at each base you can kill it with 6 or more Mutalisks.

If you are unable to do any damage your timing push will have been blocked and you will be in a disadvantageous position. You will still have a decent amount of Drones, so take an expansion whilst trying to keep his army in his base for as long as possible. Keep track of his army and scout what he is doing with your Mutalisks. It will be hard to catch up at this point, so you will have to have good micro to even the game out again.

vs A Similar Build[edit]

This is hard to scout fast enough if your opponent is doing this, since if you do not see an expansion of his it means he is either Zergling rushing or fast teching. Look for Zerglings leaving his base, and if you see none, it is very likely that he is also going for a Mutalisk timing push. He could also be hiding his Zerglings, but this is rare. Still, do not do anything that feels unsafe.

When you are sure that he is doing a build like this, proceed with the same build order as vs 12Pool/Hatch. Scout what is coming out of his eggs, and unless he is only making Zerglings, you should be gaining an advantage by making extra Drones, or taking an expansion. That way you will have an economy advantage, though your gas levels will be similar.

Since your builds are almost mirrored, this will most likely come down to micro.


This Sunken Colony covers all buildings
Strategy Information

Since you will be playing very defensively, building a Sim-City is very important in keeping you alive. Make sure you are placing your buildings close to each other and so that you can cover all of them with a single Sunken Colony. Also place the Sunken Colony so that you can use Drone drills to protect it from enemy Zerglings.