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Overlord blocking

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[e][h]ZergOverlord blocking
With the help of the Overlord the Lurkers become stronger
Technique Information
ZvP, ZvT, ZvZ



Overlord blocking is placing your overlords over valuable units to defend them from Irradiate and target firing. Note that you should use Hold Position, not Stop, otherwise your Overlord will move when fired upon

vs. Terran[edit]

This technique thrives against SK Terran. SK Terran uses mass Marines and Science Vessels, using mobility and force, the strategy is about abusing the fact that Zerg doesn't have many ranged units. Marines can defend the Science Vessels against Scourge, they can use mobility against Defilers and Lurkers and with enough Marines they can even counter Ultralisks.

When an Overlord is blocking Defilers or Lurkers it's either hard or impossible to Irradiate the unit, depending on if the Overlord is correctly placed. This technique doesn't work with Ultralisks because they're too big but you can use the Nydus Canal to instantly switch locations to avoid Irradiates.

Overlords are slow so Pneumatized Carapace from Lair is recommended to make this technique more efficient.