Overpool (vs. Zerg)

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Strategy Information

The "perfect" standard build order in ZvZ. Overpool gets Zerglings out in time to defend any quicker Pool, while getting Mutalisks out in time to defend any all-ins.

Build Order[edit]

  • 9 - Overlord
  • 9 - Spawning Pool (See note)
  • 9 - Extractor
  • 10 - Save Larvae
  • 10 - 6 Zerglings (See note)

Slight Varient of 9 Overpool (Kows Build)

  • 9 - Overlord
  • 9 - spawning pool
  • 8 - drone
  • 9 - drone
  • 10 - drone
  • 11 - gas (save larvas)
  • 10 - 6 zerglings

Note: Gas and Spawning pool should finish at the same time

Variant 1[edit]

  • 13-17 - Zerglings
  • @100 Gas - Zergling Speed
  • @100 Gas - Lair
  • 18 - Overlord
  • @100% Lair - Spire
  • @100% Lair - Creep Colony (optional) (See note)
  • @100% Spire - 3 Mutalisks
  • @300 Minerals - Hatchery @ natural

Variant 2[edit]

  • 13-17 - Creep Colony (See note)
  • 13-17 - Drones
  • @100% Lair - Spire
  • @100% Lair - Creep Colony (optional) (See note)
  • @100% Spire - Mutalisks
  • @300 Minerals - Hatchery at main

Build Order Clarification[edit]

9 - Spawning Pool[edit]

Spawning Pool placement is critical in Zerg vs. Zerg. Spend some time learning the proper placement (there is only one "proper" placement) for each position on each map. In general the Spawning Pool should allow a Sunken Colony to be shielded while not being overexposed.

10 - 6 Zerglings[edit]

If you haven't scouted your opponent, make six Zerglings. If the map is conducive to standard ZvZ play (Python, Othello), follow up with variant 1 and continue making Zerglings. This will allow you to punish a 12 Pool expand build, using your Zergling Speed to outmaneuver your opponent.

If you have scouted your opponent to confirm he is doing a 9 Pool variant, or if the map favours that style of play (Blue Storm), follow up with variant 2 and focus on Drone production. Use your 6 Zerglings to either put pressure on, or to defend your main while you get a Sunken Colony online.

13-17 - Creep Colony[edit]

In variant 2 you will need at least one Sunken Colony (around 13-17 supply). Begin to make the Creep Colony when your opponent's Zerglings outnumber yours. Morph it to a Sunken Colony when he moves out. Ensure your Sunken Colony is properly placed so it doesn't affect your mining, defends your entire base, and can be covered on all sides by Drones.

@100% Lair - Creep Colony[edit]

In variant 1, make a Creep Colony at the time when your opponent's Zerglings outnumber your own. Typically this will happen aganist a 12 Pool 11 Hatch-in-main build, while you stall against your opponent's superior Zergling count using your Sunken Colony and Drones until your Spire completes. In variant 2, make a Creep Colony when you feel your opponent will risk going all-in and you need to survive until your Mutalisks are ready. In both variants, ensure your Sunken Colony is properly placed so it doesn't affect your mining, defends your entire base, and can be covered on all sides by Drones.


After you live the initial Zergling play, immediately send your Mutalisks to attack your opponent's Drones. If you did variant 1, you should have enough Zerglings to protect an expansion Hatchery, and should place your Hatchery at your expansion. Doing variant 2 means you won't be able to defend an expansion from Zerglings, and should thus place your Hatchery at your main base. If your opponent's base is fully covered by Spore Colonies, return to your base to kill all stray Overlords. Continue spending all resources on Mutalisks until you have used all your accumulated gas. Once you have 6-8 Mutalisks, consider mixing in 2-6 Scourge to help in air battles, while spending the majority of your Minerals on Drones.

In order to win air battles, send your Mutalisks in first to target his Mutalisks. When his Scourge come, run and target them while fleeing (using patrol) and send in your Scourge. Ideally, he will end the battle still fighting your Scourge while you are dealing free hits with your Mutalisks.

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