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Map Information
Space Platform
Spawn Positions:
2 at 5, 11
  • 1.03, 1.04


Oxide is a map that was used in the first SBWI Teamleague.

Notable Features[edit]

  • tight rush path - the direct rushing and scouting path bewteen both players is constricted by small ramps and a tight gap in the centre of the map, giving players tactical opportunity to intercept an incoming enemy and forcing bigger armies to take wider alternative routes around the map
  • lots of ramps and ridges - making good army positioning a key element
  • unbuildable middle - except for the expansion areas, the ground on this map is unbuildable, making it easy to find proxies and preventing terran from pushing with turret support
  • open center expansions - gaining control over these becomes a major aim of late game strategy.

Version Changes[edit]

For the playoffs of the SBWI Team League this map was updated to verion 1.04.

  • the corner expansions are now wallable with 2 pylons per ramp
  • added more mineral patches to the mineral-only expansions, some of them with reduced yield
  • fixed an issue with the 9 o'clock geyser being tankable from the low ground
  • small adjustment to the area in front of the naturals
  • added more building space to the areas around the mineral-only and middle expansions
  • optimized minerals in bottom main to avoid worker pathing issues with comsat

Map version images[edit]

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games with VODs and can be modified here.
DateTimeTournamentOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2014-02-01SBWI TeamleagueZety ZergScanTerran ScanWatch VOD
2014-02-01SBWI TeamleaguePike ZergSkzlimeTerran SkzlimeWatch VOD
2013-11-16[[SBWI_Teamleague/Play_Days|]]ZeTy ZergCryocTerran CryocWatch VOD
2013-11-16[[SBWI_Teamleague/Play_Days|]]non TerrankeTProtoss keTWatch VOD
2013-11-09[[SBWI_Teamleague/Play_Days|]]Justice TerranvOddyTerran vOddyWatch VOD
2013-11-09[[SBWI_Teamleague/Play_Days|]]Poetic TerranBakuryuZerg BakuryuWatch VOD
2013-11-02[[SBWI_Teamleague/Play_Days|]]TerrOr Terranwidowkiller_Zerg widowkiller_Watch VOD
2013-11-02[[SBWI_Teamleague/Play_Days|]]Michael ZergCryocTerran CryocWatch VOD
2013-10-26[[SBWI_Teamleague/Play_Days|]]Justice TerranFremANProtoss FremANWatch VOD
2013-10-26[[SBWI_Teamleague/Play_Days|]]Glio TerranvOddyTerran vOddyWatch VOD


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