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Series Information
China China
Start Date:
End Date:
Cumulative Prize Pool:
≃ $140,483 USD
Major: ≃ $26,561 USD
Premier: ≃ $113,922 USD

General information[edit]

The PLU (Player's Labor Union玩家工会·PLU游戏娱乐传媒) was one of the biggest e-Sports leagues outside of Korea and supported mostly StarCraft Brood War and Warcraft III.


  • Founder & Organizer:
  • Chief Producer:


Held by PLU[edit]

PLUPLU 32005-08-01 - 2005-09-11$1,236.52-1China ChinaChina Terran SuperChina Zerg Dp_R4 - 2
PLUPLU 42005-11-07 - 2005-12-23$1,491.270China ChinaChina Terran SuperChina Terran RushGoon
PLUPLU 52006-05-08 - 2006-08-27$2,635.938China China
China Terran SuperChina Zerg F914 - 3
PLUPLU2006 Battle of No.12006-12-15 - 2006-12-31-6China ChinaChina Protoss LxChina Terran Super
PLUSSL4ever2007-12-18 - 2008-02-02$5,654.7832China ChinaChina Zerg Fengzi / China Zerg F91China Zerg JeDi / China Zerg LK3 - 0
PLUSSL5·PLU2008 Battle of No.12008-11-23 - 2008-12-28$4,968.7324China Wuxi
China Protoss PjChina Protoss Lx3 - 2
PLUPLU 62009-07-19 - 2009-08-29$4,485.4940China Shanghai
龙之翼俱乐部龙之翼俱乐部 龙之翼俱乐部才之英俱乐部才之英俱乐部 才之英俱乐部5 - 3
PLUPLU2009 Battle of No.12010-01-22 - 2010-04-18$3,088.5424China Shanghai
China Terran LeiLeiChina Protoss JayStar1 - 0
PLUPLU2014 Starcraft Sino-Korean Carnival2014-08-17$113,921.788China China
South Korea Protoss BisuSouth Korea Zerg ZerO3 - 0

Held by Pluers[edit]

PLUNVIDIA GAME FESTIVAL 20102010-04-10 - 2010-04-11$3,0004China Shanghai
China Zerg F91China Terran LeiLei2 - 1
Sanpao StarLeagueStarCraft Master Shanghai2019-09-18 - 2019-10-06$83,888.5632China Shanghai
South Korea Terran FlashSouth Korea Zerg Zero4 - 0