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The following article lists all relevant build oders and techniques for the Protoss vs. Terran Match Up.

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Protoss vs. Terran Overview

General Overview[edit]

The Build Orders in Protoss vs. Terran have not changed much over time. Most of the more aggressive openings are chosen by Protoss, while Terran has little possibilities to hide rushes or early timed attacks. In modern Protoss vs. Terran most openings from both races are designed to expand early preparing both sides for a strong position to start into the mid game. The following article lists all currently added Build Orders.

To read on Protoss vs. Terran general patterns, see also: Protoss vs. Terran Guide

Build Orders[edit]

The first category of Build Orders introduces various openings designed for the early game. The articles don't include longer explanations for the mid-game to end-game transitions.

"General Early Game Build Orders"

Nexus Fast Expansions

Delayed Fast Expansions

General Openings

The second category lists harassment openings, designed to punish careless play by Terran. They're usually played off One Base with a delayed expansion.

"General Harassment Build Orders"

Two Gateway Pressure

Higher Tech Harassment

The third category covers Build Orders which aim to transition into the mid-game and exotic openings designed for special maps or situations.

"Mid Game Strategies"

Mid Game Strategies

Exotic or Design Builds


The following techniques describe special situations in the Protoss vs. Terran Match Up.


  • Technique to defuse Mines without Observer

  • Basics of PvT Micromanagement

  • Technique to cause damage with Shuttles and Zealots

  • Technique to cause additional damage against a Terran army

  • Discussion about when and how to use the spell

  • Explanation of Reaver Drop micromanagement

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