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Parasite is a spell cast by the Zerg Queen. Parasites are used by a Zerg brood to provide battlefield reconnaissance information. Queens can launch the parasitic creatures onto the unsuspecting host from up to 12 matrices away. Once the Parasite is attached, the controller of the Parasite can now see what the affected unit sees. If a unit with cloak detection has an attached parasite, then cloaked units will also be seen by the Parasite.[1]

Detection and Disposal[edit]

The owner of the affected unit can detect the Parasite in two ways:

  • When the unit is selected as part of a group, the border of the unit's wireframe diagram will turn green.
  • If just the single affected unit is selected, a "Parasite Detected" warning in green text will appear along with the rest of the unit's statistics.

The only way to remove a Parasite is to have a Medic use her Restoration ability on the affected unit. If Medics or restoration are not available, destroying the host will also destroy the Parasite. A Zerg drone with an attached Parasite can also be turned into a Zerg building to remove the annoyance as buildings cannot be affected, but the same does not apply to morphing or merging units which will retain the parasite afterwards.


In any match up, Parasite can be used on Critters, but this is generally useless as Critters randomly wander around the map, and the resources and management time put into taking care of the Queen could be better spent doing something else. However, using parasite on flying critters (such as the ones found on the Twilight tileset) can prove much more useful.


Parasite is almost never seen in ZvZ as most games do not go to the end game. If the game does progress towards a point where Queens come into play however, the energy is better spent on Ensnare.


Because of the Medic's ability to restore Terran units, Parasite has limited usage in this match up.


Parasite can be used in ZvP with good effects. Parasite's main usage in this match up occurs when the Protoss player goes Corsair/Reaver or Corsair/Carrier because a parasite on one unit will remove the surprise factor that is rather crucial to the effectiveness of either build. Against a Protoss ground army, Parasite is not as useful because Zerglings and Overlords can be placed around the map to keep tabs on the Protoss army. Although not seen at high level play as resources are tight and micromanaging a queen is difficult, Parasite can be used at lower levels effectively. However, there is nothing stopping the opponent from sacrificing the unit affected with parasite or merely separating it from his army.

In Combination with Other Spells[edit]

  • Stasised units cannot be Parasited. As units retain their vision when in Stasis, a Parasited unit will still provide intel when it is Stasised.
  • Parasite will be unaffected by other status changes, such as Lockdown, Maelstrom and Defensive Matrix.
  • Parasite will dispel Hallucinations.
  • If a unit is both Parasited and Blinded both spells will be in effect. However, only the spell that was cast last will be displayed in the unit's status box.


  • This spell is unaffected by the Queen being killed when the Parasite is still underway.

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