Patch 1.19

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Patch 1.19[edit]

Patch 1.19.5[edit]

Release: 2017-08-05[1]

Specific Changes & Improvements[edit]

  • Added a call to battle tone when matches are found
  • Patching process improved when not logged in

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Aspect ratios narrower than 4:3 are handled gracefully
  • /stats - definitely less broken most of the time, again... (You have to say, 'fixed,' before we do [stats are weird])
  • Escape key only cancels chat when chatting in game
  • Text no longer overlaps banner in Chat
  • Mac: Fix for crash related to tooltips on command cards
  • Mac: Fixed clamped resize

Patch 1.19.4[edit]

Release: 2017-08-03[2]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Matchmaker loading screen no longer freezes after playing game types outside matchmaker
  • Starting locations are randomized during matchmaking
  • Removed stray ramp tiles
  • Gateway info pane enabled for Fish

Patch 1.19.3[edit]

Release: 2017-07-28[3]

  • The patch is focused on stability improvements and specific changes for game rooms.

Patch 1.19.2[edit]

Release: 2017-07-25[4]

Changes & Improvements[edit]

  • Press TAB in the chat edit box to cycle back to the general channel
  • Better sorting of friends list
  • Opting out of Bonjour will no longer cause problems over, but is still required for LAN play

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Logging in is possible on accounts with non-Latin characters
  • Interrupted downloads or installs will resume properly

Patch 1.19.1[edit]

Release: 2017-07-24[5]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Proxied games are now routed properly through their Gateway region
  • Added a repair marker for crashes caused by installs aborted at 84%
  • Channel leave notification will no longer cause a crash
  • DX9 bind crash fixed
  • /m with an unrecognized legacy Profile name no longer adds the next typed word to the whisper's target

Known Issues[edit]

  • Edges of screen are cut off slightly on 5:4 monitors

Patch 1.19.0[edit]

Release: 2017-07-24[6]

Specific Changes & Improvements[edit]

  • A account is required to access multiplayer gateways
  • Save Legacy Profiles forever by pairing them to a modern Account
  • Create or link up to three Profiles per gateway
  • Friend’s list now contains whisper and status for friends playing modern Blizzard games
  • NumPad+0 stats ordered by player name
  • Popular maps display based upon the most played maps in the last 24 hours
  • Replays and saved games are cloud saved and accessible upon login
Chat Panels[edit]
  • Added to all multiplayer screens
  • Click the Channel name in the Message Entry box to display the last channels
  • Change message target with /1, /2, or /w (player)
Search Games Screen[edit]
  • Open games automatically update with player information and availability
  • Games list auto-refresh has replaced by a refresh button
  • Added filters for name, game type, private, acceptable ping, and player count
Observer Mode[edit]
  • Right click player name to follow their camera
  • Right click to follow a unit
  • Left click player name to toggle their field of vision
  • 'A' shows/hides Unit, Economy, and Minimap
  • Alt+U or hides/shows Units section
  • Alt+E hides/shows Economy section
  • Alt+I hides/shows Minimap
  • Alt+W hides/shows Button section
  • H.O.T.K.E.Y.s have arrived – again
  • Added an option to disable custom hotkeys in Create menu
  • An expanded version of Options can now be found on the main menu screen

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Ending a game in an Observer slot is handled gracefully
  • Carriage returns in map details are preserved

Known Bugs[edit]

  • Asian and Cyrillic characters not supported in Legacy Chat


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