Patch 1.20

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Patch 1.20[edit]

Patch 1.20.11[edit]

Release: 2017-11-28[1]

Features & Improvements[edit]

  • /f m and /f ma now include Friends
  • Players will be notified when Friends enter or exit and games
  • Players will now be notified when using /f r on an invalid player name

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Changes to Turn rate for custom games will persist when creating new custom or unranked lobbies
  • Fixed lobbies appearing multiple times when refreshing the game list
  • Fixed a crash related to accessing cloud maps in the create game screen

Patch 1.20.10[edit]

Release: 2017-11-16[2]

Features & Improvements[edit]

  • Players will now be notified when their turn rate changes in game.
  • Updated Protoss console art
  • BlizzCon attendees and Virtual Ticket holders now have a special console that can be enabled!
  • Chat history “+” functionality has been reworked to include a UI dialog, and exclude normal lobby chat.
  • Fixed issues related to chat messages between players. We will continue to monitor and improve this over time.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Text appears correctly on UMS maps with custom unit names as UTF8 after saving and loading.
  • The shield damage effect (blue half-globe animating from top to bottom) appears on top of the Nexus with the preorder skin enabled.
  • Korean characters now display as normal when SD graphics are enabled.[edit]
  • The correct Map Preview image appears when Joining/Quick Joining a lobby after previously selecting a different Map.
  • Using command /f lo now displays friends that are online with their character name.
  • Cloud settings now preserve defaults if the player doesn't modify them.
  • Right click player reporting is now fully localized.

Patch 1.20.9[edit]

Release: 2017-10-25[3]

Specific Changes & Improvements[edit]

  • Increased file size allowed when downloading maps
  • Ladder maps added within folder structure: maps/ladder/FrontierLeague2017S1
  • Players with HD licenses now able to play offline for 30 days
  • Enter “/help friends” in Chat for additional information on Friends’ commands
  • Right click reporting a player within a Channel list will open a modal with a list of report types

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • The Spidermine’s Attack icon is now in HD
  • Players with US accounts running in a Korean version of Windows are now able to zoom in Single Player
  • Cloud upload message will no longer flash on exit[edit]
  • Fixed a graphical anomaly when entering Leaderboards and Profile
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to access other players’ profiles from Chat Channels
  • Changing portraits now working as intended
  • “Designate as Moderator” is no longer an option for users that are already Moderators
  • Receiving a whisper from a player that you have not responded to will now display in the Chat List
  • Fixed an issue where selected Profile name was not appearing between whispering players
  • Fixed a crash caused by selecting an unsupported map size
  • Fixed a crash caused by /quit or /logout commands
  • Fixed crashes caused by receiving whispers from Friends

Patch 1.20.8[edit]

Release: 2017-10-19[4]

Specific Changes & Improvements[edit]

  • Matchmaking games now have dynamic turn rate reduction if the client determines high latency. The turn rate will start with 16 and scale down appropriately. We expect this to make a positive impact on latency for matchmaking, and we are very excited to be rolling it out.
  • /friends commands have been updated
/f l (or list) Shows all Brood War friends plus all Blizzard friends who are currently in SCR
/f la (or list all) Shows all friends (BW + Blizzard, regardless of whether they are in SCR or not)
/f lb (or listBlizzard) Shows all Blizzard friends (no Brood War friends) regardless of whether they are in SCR or not
/f lo (or listOnline) Shows all friends (BW + Blizzard who are in SCR) who are currently online
  • Updated the SD option for bilinear to be a slider. Sliding to the left increases sharpness, sliding to the right increases the intensity of the filter.
  • Slightly reduced the size of the Replay UI center console

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed an issue where users would sometimes see a blank page on the post matchmaking toast screen.
  • Portraits in chat now update immediately when changed for friends and non-friend users

Patch 1.20.7[edit]

Release: 2017-10-11[5]

Specific Changes & Improvements[edit]

  • Revamped the Replay UI to have all the observer mode features as well as a brand-new production tab.
  • Implemented code changes to optimize the dynamic VRAM requirement down to 2gigs. The optimization will not work for the following cards:
Radeon HD 4850 X2
Radeon HD 4870 X2
Radeon HD 5970 2GB Version
  • Added a new option “Use Mouse Confine” to control if the mouse should be confined or not. Added a hotkey 'alt-F1'
  • “+” will now re-display the last 10 chat messages in game.
  • The hotkey Alt + S has been assigned to open the Select Map frame from within the Create custom game menu.
  • Players in chat channels are now ordered by time joined.
  • We have updated the art style of the Protoss console.
  • The Gavel is back. (Chat room operator commands)

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed crash instances related to chat commands.
  • Players will now be re-queued automatically if they fail to matchmake.
  • /dnd now properly works when set in game.
  • The /help command now works within the game lobby
  • /ignore is now working correctly in chat & game lobbies across different gateways.

Patch 1.20.6[edit]

Release: 2017-09-26[6]

Specific Changes & Improvements[edit]

  • The Observer UI will now properly handle highlighting and selecting Same Units, on Multiple Teams via CTRL + Clicking a unit type.
  • An option has been added to allow game sounds to continue in the background

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • /help now works as expected with all chat frames including Create, Join, game lobbies, Ranked, and the Ladder scoreboard.
  • /dnd now blocks whispers from users in chat lobbies and in game while the user is in chat lobbies or in game. Toggling /dnd on or off updates the user's status from Online to Busy.
  • /friends list should now list all of the user’s friends.
  • Players will no longer see /ignored Players' text during in game, various menus and lobbies including chat and LAN chat.
  • Fixed a crash players were experiencing when loading short replays.
  • Players on the Europe gateway can now access profiles of other players.

Patch 1.20.5[edit]

Release: 2017-09-14[7]

Specific Changes & Improvements[edit]

  • Clock added to Observer

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Player Portraits display in Chat Channels
  • Text on Ladder and Ranked buttons are no longer out of their element
  • Switching languages should no longer disconnect players from
  • App no longer believes the client is running when closed on Mac, but it still misses you when you’re gone

Patch 1.20.4[edit]

Release: 2017-08-30[8]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed multiple crashes caused in menus
  • Fixed multiple crashes when exiting
  • Fixed a crash caused by chat messages
  • Terran buildings' lifted hotkeys, Zerg Defilers and Queens' attack command keys added to hotkeys
  • Lifted Terran buildings have correct translucent landing zone images
  • Preorder skins no longer offset or disappear into fog of war visibility

Patch 1.20.3[edit]

Release: 2017-08-24[9]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a high frequency crash related invalid map data
  • Hotkey fixes; including support for Ghost and Infested Terran alternative forms & Siege Tank Siege Mode.
  • Games where 1 human is playing entirely against AI are no longer recorded in player profile history.
  • Fix for players receiving a loss /drop in MMR after disconnecting from a Ranked Play game.
  • Viewing profiles now works for folks on the same LAN

Patch 1.20.2[edit]

Release: 2017-08-22[10]

Specific Changes & Improvements[edit]

  • Observer UI – F6 will now return you to a default zoom state

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Stability fixes, including top exceptions
  • All HD Zerg portraits have been corrected to not overlay on the UI
  • Cancelling a ranked game queue will now properly update your Battle.Net presence
  • Preorder building skins will now properly scale to the selected graphics settings
  • Game music will no longer linger, if it was turned off in the settings
  • The cancel option in the confirmation window when attempting to remove a player from a game lobby now works as it should

Known Issues[edit]

  • Options Being Reverted to Default (Fix in the works)

Patch 1.20.1[edit]

Release: 2017-08-17[11]

Specific Changes & Improvements[edit]

  • Revoked Zerg disappearing act; burrow holes now stand out better on dark tilesets

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • The HDs are available on start up for players with Remastered (one exception; see Known Issues)
  • Players will no longer hallucinate that the death animation of hallucinated units is offset… mirages are tricky
  • Options have been convinced to stop reverting to their default state
  • Interstitial sound effects have found their voice

Server Updates[edit]

  • General optimization and performance improvements based on live data
  • Improved matchmaking processing to reduce game results being dropped

Known Issues[edit]

  • Running from a desktop shortcut will start in SD (use F5 or Options to switch to HD), will be fixed in next patch
  • Resolving matchmaking fails - have a solution in test

Patch 1.20.0[edit]

Release: 2017-08-14[12]

Remastered Features[edit]

  • Matchmaking will pit you against players of a similar race-based skill rating – globally
  • Establish dominance against your friends and eventually the world on the 1v1 Ladder Leaderboards
  • Meticulously remastered assets are now available at up to 4k resolution
  • Dynamic lighting, more unit angles, widescreen support, and other options allow you to see and play StarCraft the way you want
  • Doesn’t seem that different? Compare SD and HD at the click of a button (F5 in this instance)
  • New interstitials add imagery to accompany the green text within the campaign experience
  • Profiles document your highs and lows, career progression, and make replays available via the power of the cloud
  • Unlock Portraits by winning matchmade games

Features & Improvements[edit]

  • A account is required to access multiplayer gateways
  • Save Legacy Profiles forever by pairing them to a modern Account
  • Create or link up to three Profiles per gateway
  • Friend’s list now contains whisper and status for friends playing modern Blizzard games
  • NumPad+0 stats ordered by player name
  • Popular maps display based upon the most played maps in the last 24 hours
  • Replays and saved games are cloud saved and accessible upon login
Chat Panels[edit]
  • Added to all multiplayer screens
  • Click the Channel name in the Message Entry box to display the last channels
  • Change message target with /1, /2, or /w (player)
Search Games Screen[edit]
  • Open games automatically update with player information and availability
  • Games list auto-refresh has replaced by a refresh button
  • Added filters for name, game type, private, acceptable ping, and player count
Observer Mode[edit]
  • Right click player name to follow their camera
  • Right click to follow a unit
  • Left click player name to toggle their field of vision
  • Alt+A or A shows/hides Unit, Economy, and Minimap
  • Alt+U or W hides/shows Units section
  • Alt+E or E hides/shows Economy section
  • Alt+I or Q hides/shows Minimap
  • Alt+W or R hides/shows Button section
  • H.O.T.K.E.Y.s have arrived – again
  • Added an option to disable custom hotkeys in Create menu
  • An expanded version of Options can now be found on the main menu screen


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