Patches 1.09-1.15

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Patch 1.15[edit]

Patch 1.15.3[edit]

Release: 2008-09-11

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a communication bug affecting third party leagues.
  • Alt-F6 no longer stalls the game on Windows.
  • Game now works correctly on versions of Mac OS X which do not support 256-color mode.[1]

Patch 1.15.2[edit]

Release: 2008-01-16

Feature Changes

  • StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War no longer require the CD while playing the game. To play without the CD, please follow the following instructions:

Windows Users:

  • Make sure you have "Hide extensions for known types" unchecked under Explorer Folder Options.
  • If you own only StarCraft, copy "INSTALL.EXE" from the StarCraft CD to your StarCraft folder and rename it to "StarCraft.mpq".
  • If you own StarCraft: Brood War, copy "INSTALL.EXE" from the StarCraft: Brood War CD to your StarCraft folder and rename it to "BroodWar.mpq".

Mac Users

  • If you own only StarCraft, copy "StarCraft Archive" from the StarCraft CD to your StarCraft folder.
  • If you own StarCraft: Brood War, copy "Brood War Archive" from the StarCraft: Brood War CD to your StarCraft folder.[2]

Patch 1.15.1[edit]

Release: 2007-08-21


  • Made stability improvements to replay saving code.
  • Fixed a bug where the map download progress was not shown.
  • Pressing alt-f4 while in StarCraft and logged into a league now logs you out of the league.
  • Updated some of the localization for the league page.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed nukes to fall anywhere on the map.[3]

Patch 1.15[edit]

Release: 2007-05-15

Feature Changes:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that allowed burrowed units to be stacked.


  • Fixed a vulture exploit that crashed games.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed the rally points of others to be set.
  • Fixed a multicommand hack that crashed Macintosh players.

Patch 1.14[edit]

Release: 2006-08-01

Feature Changes

  • For Top vs. Bottom games, the default chat filter is now 'Chat To Allies'.
  • In-game chat messages now show the speaker's name in his/her team color.
  • Users can now use the mouse wheel to scroll chat and selection boxes in Windows 98 (or later) and Macintosh OS X.
  • Screen shots now use a time/date stamp; they are no longer limited to 100.
  • The high-color application icon from the Macintosh version is now used on PC.
  • Small corrections to the Lost Temple and Dire Straits maps.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Hatchery cancellation crash bug.
  • Fixed crash that can occur when SCVs are repairing a unit boarding a Dropship.
  • Fixed crash when Mac users very quickly cancel connection to
  • Fixed a scoring bug that gave Zerg unit points for building cancellation.
  • Users can now take screen shots on Macintosh OS X.
  • Updated account creation information text.
  • Logging onto an account closed for a Terms of Service violation will now say the account is closed, rather than 'invalid password'.
  • Fixed bug preventing Portuguese StarCraft clients from receiving patches from Portuguese users must still patch to this level manually, but subsequent patches can be obtained automatically from
  • No longer displays control characters in's map description pane.
  • Color codes and control codes are no longer allowed in chat messages.
  • Fixed a crash in StarEdit when attempting to save modified Blizzard maps.
  • Fixed undesired text wrapping in Spanish and Portuguese screens.
  • Fixed a rare crash in multiplayer games.


  • Fixed the Nydus Canal cancellation bug that allowed creating a mobile exit.
  • Fixed two exploits that allowed players to gain minerals very quickly.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed Zerg buildings to become cloaked.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed units to kill themselves instantly.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed Command Center infestation without a Queen.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed Command Center infestation from a distance.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to float Zerg Drones over obstacles.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed worker units to mine at a distance.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed Terran buildings to lift off while training units.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed SCVs to repair Protoss buildings.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed SCVs to detach Larvae from Hatcheries.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed morphing Terran and Protoss buildings.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed buildings to be stacked on top of each other.
  • Playing against illegally named players on no longer results in a disconnect game result.

Patch 1.13[edit]

Patch 1.13f[edit]

Release: 2006-01-18

  • Fixed several bugs that contributed to game exploits.

Patch 1.13e[edit]

Release: 2005-09-12

  • Fixed several bugs that contributed to game exploits.

Patch 1.13d[edit]

Release: 2005-09-06

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the training of infested terrans.

Patch 1.13c[edit]

Release: 2005-08-22

  • Fixed a bug involving zerg buildings.
  • Fixed a bug related to minimap unit ordering during replays.

Patch 1.13b[edit]

Release: 2005-08-12

  • Fixed a bug where some maps could cause the game to crash.

Patch 1.13[edit]

Release: 2005-06-29

Feature Changes

  • Your units displayed within the minimap will now always be on top to ensure that they are not hidden by another player's units.
  • Changed the default font for Korean Windows 9x to Gulim 9 to improve readability.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several bugs that contributed to game exploits.
  • Fixed a Korean character bug in chat.
  • Fixed a German hotkey bug in chat.
  • Fixed a typo in the register email screen.

Patch 1.12[edit]

Patch 1.12b[edit]

Release: 2005-02-24

  • Fixed bugs related to Korean chat on Windows 95/98/Me.

Patch 1.12[edit]

Release: 2005-02-16

New Features

  • Changed Speed from "Fast" to Fastest" for Ladder Games.
  • You now can preview your map in the Multiplayer chat screen.
  • Added feature that allows the creator of a private game to make the game public under the creator's name in Multiplayer Chat screen.
  • Added full Korean language support for and in-game.
  • Added a Friends List Feature and button that allows you to keep track of your friends on
  • Added Password Recovery and email registration features (like Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2) so you can recover your password via email.
  • Added Friend mail feature that enables you to email your friends.
  • Please go to for more information on mail and password recovery features.
  • Changed the default race type in single custom games to Random.
  • It now remembers your last map and folder setting when you create single or multi player games.
  • Brood War will now show 'maps\Brood War' folder as your default map folder.
  • When a building is selected and if a ground rally point is set the rally point will briefly animate.
  • Added minimap ping (Alt-left-click on minimap to show graphic location.)
  • Added alliance colors on units - Shift-Tab changes your color to Player3 color (depends on map, but usually teal), your allies to Player8 color (usually yellow) and your enemies to Player1 color (usually red).
  • Added right-click feature that will set your building rally point.
  • Added shift-# to add a unit to a control group.
  • The mouse cursor stays on the game's monitor in multi-monitor environments.

Updated Maps

  • Lost Temple has been updated, while Dire Straits and Rivalry have been slightly tweaked to balance resources and space for building.
  • All maps have been resigned. If you have moved standard maps to different folders you must do so again. If you have maps downloaded from our FTP site you must do so again.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug related to seeing Question marks instead of Korean characters when using /where command in
  • Fixed a bug that hindered Korean text in chatrooms and game advertisements.

Patch 1.11[edit]

Patch 1.11b[edit]

Release: 2004-06-01

  • Fixed a bug that allowed SCV's to heal Marines.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Zerg to build without the need for creep.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed buildings to be stacked on top of each other.
  • Fixed a Mac bug that prevented StarEdit from running.
  • Fixed a Mac bug where background music stopped after the first piece.

Patch 1.11[edit]

Release: 2004-04-28

  • Fixed a bug that hindered sound on NT machines.
  • Fixed a bug that enabled you to make a Command Center slide into a location by building a Comstat Station then canceling it due to lack of resources.
  • Fixed a bug related to a Drone flying when surrounded by other units.
  • Fixed a bug that would give you an assertion when you tell a drone to burrow as it is about to morph into a building.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Templars to fly across the map when interrupting an Archon Merge.
  • Fixed a bug involving a drone getting confused when receiving a second build order while in transit to complete the first one.

Patch 1.10[edit]

Release: 2003-04-01

  • Fixed a bug involving burrowed units - if a burrowed lurker was attacked by air, it would stop acquiring other targets. Changed so that non-AI lurkers won't unburrow when attacked by air, which is a better idea all around.
  • Fixed a bug where a drone could skate across terrain to an arbitrary destination after failing to build an extractor.

Patch 1.09[edit]

Patch 1.09b[edit]

Release: 2002-02-27

  • Disconnects will be counted as losses in CompUSA games.

Patch 1.09[edit]

Release: 2002-02-07

  • Fixed various replay issues.
  • Fixed a bug where Protoss and Terran victory and defeat background screens did not display.
  • Siege tanks no longer explode when placed on a beacon.
  • Added LAN play via UDP
  • Fixed latency issue with Windows 2000
  • Added template type, CompUSA.

Modifications (North American versions only)

  • Please note that included with this patch is a .dll file that relays back to Blizzard the hardware configuration of the system on which the patch is installed. This file will be effective in North America only.


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