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TeamLiquid Arena
Episode 1
The brave do not fear the grave
Hero: Sweden Protoss Shauni
Date: September 20th, 2009
Announcement: Topic
Polls/Live: Topic
Results: Topic
VOD: n.a.
Players Ranks: D- to C
Result 8 wins

The 1st edition of TL-Arena was played and broadcasted September 20th, 2009. The Hero of the evening was Shauni: a high-level Protoss player from Sweden. Commentary was done by Pholon and Leperkahn.


Hero would face 8 players on 8 maps, randomly drawing one handicap after every win from a pool of 16 handicaps. The game is over if the Hero loses.



TL selection[edit]

  • Fantasy II - 31%
  • Heartbreak Ridge - 28%
  • Bloodbath - 18%
  • Battle Royale - 16%
  • Nostalgia - 8%



  • No Forge upgrades
  • No Zealot Leg upgrade
  • No Dragoon Range upgrade
  • No Psionic Storm


  • No Zealots
  • No Observers
  • Worker sac
  • Gateway cap (6)
  • Assimilator cap (1)


  • Give vision
  • No rally points
  • No sounds
  • TL submission x3


Handicaps: None

Shauni < Andromeda > never_Nal

Handicap: No Storm.

Shauni < Gaia > Nevuk

Handicaps: No Storm, Gateway Cap.

Shauni < God's Garden > ZergZoul

Handicaps: No Storm, Gateway Cap, No Sound.

Shauni < Tau Cross > tyr

Handicaps: No Storm, Gateway Cap, No Sound, No Obs.

Shauni < Neo Medusa > JonsaBoy

Handicaps: No Storm, Gateway Cap, No Sound, No Obs, No Rally.

Shauni < Fantasy II > TSL-Alur

Handicaps: No Storm, Gateway Cap, No Sounds, No Obs, No Rally, No Zealots.

Shauni < Neo Harmony > Iamdisco

Handicaps: No Storm, Gateway Cap, No Sounds, No Obs, No Rally, No Zealots, No Forge Ups.

Shauni < Roadrunner > Peeano


No VODs were saved due to a LiveStream malfunction.


  • Pholon - Organise + commentary
  • Leperkahn - Stream + commentary