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Pimpest Plays

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The Pimpest Plays was an article series published on Gamers Extreme and annually for the years 2002 - 2007. A number of editors would gather such plays, with soso originating the idea. Every game featured included at least one of the most inspiring, groundbreaking or mind blowing move for each years.


In retrospect most of the highlighted and honored games seem outdated or not-that-fascinating compared to nowadays' evolved mechanics performed by Korean Progamers. However, back in those days many of the moves and strategies presented inspired an entire generation of gamers. Its spirit was to show how far the boundaries of the Metagame could be enhanced within only a year, pointing out how even the smallest tricks can turn a game upside down as well as demonstrating the huge versatility Brood War possessed. Some of these tricks had long-lasting impacts on current strategies and usage of units. It's not a conincidence that many of the featured players are thought of as masterminds of the game. Furthermore, players featured many times used to dominate the (Korean) scene for an extended period of time.

Features & Selection Procedure[edit]

Single collections of unusual moments gathered by individuals cannot be compared to the status the Pimpest Plays possesses. Unlike many other compilations Pimpest Plays used both the community itself and handpicked community experts (such as Eriador and Tasteless) to create the Top 10 / Top 15 moves of each year. The presentation itself mystified the players, giving them more fame than a single title could. On top of it each year's series was crowned with a highlight movie done by one of the community-media experts like dyo or Retuh.

Before each top list was released, the community had the possibility to submit replays and VODs of their favourite games. This way casual players could enter in the same fashion as Korean Progamers from the top of the KeSPA Ranking could - as long as the submission was outstanding in one way or another, it was considered. The selection itself was done through an internal voting by the PP-crew.

The article itself divided into the official Top 10 (or Top 15) games for each year and a few bonus games, the so-called honorable mentions. The honorable mentions oftentimes only showed already known tricks that were simply performed with hitherto-unknown brilliance.

Boxer's Record[edit]

One of Boxer's most memorable qualities is his incredible creativity. The Emperor was able to appear in 25% of all features in the entire series, at least once per edition. Most appearances were not only deserved because of his micro, but also because of other aspects of his game play. His frequency on the Pimpest Plays videos is a record no other player was able to achieve.