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Pimpest Plays/2002

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Honorable Mentions[edit]

The honorable Mention featured Boxer's dropship usage in PvT three times. It shows how the Emperor artificially improved both the lifetime and the damage output of his tanks with the help of the load/unload mechanism. He completely crushed his opponents by abusing the nearby cliff of Jungle Story's main bases. It furthermore shows his fake-drop on Lost Temple against [rapiEr]-acE.

Pimpest Plays 2002[edit]

Place 15: Reaver War[edit]

This PvP shows how even an advanced game can come down on pure micro: both players almost eliminated one another in this, and it all comes down of who runs out of minerals first before his Reaver becomes useless.

Place 14: Boxer's Multi-Rax Float Rush[edit]

Terran vs. Zerg on LT, T spawns at bottom position, Zerg on the 9 o'clock. The emperor uses four barracks to circumvent the static defense at his opponent's natural and gets away with it.

Place 13: The Stove[edit]

Originally invented by the player The Stove this special strategy was performed in its full consequence by Proct for the first time.

Place 12: Yare's Revenge[edit]

A classic example of an elimination race between two players on Bifrost. The Terran turns the game upside down with terrific micro and a lot of drops. The comeback of the year 2002.

Place 11: Drone Drill[edit]

A standard game on Lost Temple: Protoss expands with a lot of Zealots to block his wide choke. The Zerg counters with a worker slide into study83's main base - and stops the transfer when the drones cross the lots. Zerglings do the rest and rage82 took the game.

Place 10: TillerMarine[edit]

The featured move doesn't have much impact on the game, but shows how micro increases the effectiveness of a single unit, even when horribly outnumbered. TillerMan uses a bunch of medics as mobile "wall-in" against Zerglings wanting to kill his last Marine.

Place 9: Kain-The-Feared's Halt[edit]

This play is actually from before 2002, but was featured nonetheless. Kain-The-Feared used Arbiters against Zerg, even for that time a highly unorthodox tactic. With the help of the Stasis spell on a probe he was able to block his base against incoming forces and thus gaining enough time to actually defend it.

Place 8: Boxer's SCV Escape[edit]

Another example of how creative the Progamers are, even when in a stressful situation. Boxer pulls a little trick: building a depot behind his opponent's minerals to block the chasing Dragoon.

Place 7: Boxer's Rax Wall[edit]

The Emperor uses another of his small tricks to entertain the audience: on Hall of Valhalla he lands his scouting Barracks right next to Grrrr...'s mineral line. The trained Marine is wall-ed in behind the eco and can gain a few free kills until the first Dragoon comes in to solve the situation.

Place 6: Boxer's Blind Spot[edit]

This game was played as "warm up" for WCG 2001. The PvT was lasting for almost 45 minutes, when Boxer had to face a huge army of carriers. He used seven medics to neutralize all observers following the air fleet of didi. Even though that move was one of the most incredible ones in 2002, Boxer couldn't help but lose the game eventually.

Place 5: Boxer's Nuke Rush[edit]

This game is oftentimes judged as "fake", simply due to the fact that Boxer was way above the Protoss' league in every possible term. The emperor probably knew this and went for a pretty humiliating nuke rush supported by the EMP spell of a science Vessel. One of the classic signature moves of the dominating Terran until now.

Place 4: Heat's Overlord Feint[edit]

This TvZ shows how deep strategies are and how important it is to think ahead of your opponent. In addition to multiple nice moves, the Zerg destroyed a Terran base by feinting a Doom Drop on a different expansion. Overlords fly out, Zerglings go in - you can't explain that.

Place 3: SiR@SoNi's Trail of Tears[edit]

After 45 Minutes into the game both players were mined out. The Zerg only had one drone left to mine but no anti-air, the Terran only one Wraith but no minerals left. SoNi was escaping his fate with a brilliant combination of the burrow ability, dark swarm and Overlords.

Place 2: Boxer's Lockdown[edit]

Boxer's last appearance in 2002 is one of the most famous moves known from him. They feature his incredible fast micro once again: this time he uses lockdown on Battle Cruisers of Chusung which ends the game prematurely.

Place 1: Use Your Illusion[edit]

The best play of 2002 features two less known players from Bulgaria in a very short-lived PvT. The Protoss opens with a probe-rush, three pylons and two Gates in his opponent's base. Instead of leaving KIROFF decides to do exactly the same thing, quid pro quo: with all his SCVs running to Tapoto's main, he is able to wall himself in, although being in enemy territory and simply tears down the Nexus.


  • The first part of Pimpest Plays was inspired by an ancient fan page called GX StarCraft
  • Boxer was featured seven times (46% of all games), five times in the Top 10
  • Chusung is probably the saddest character in the history of Pimpest Plays, as he was able to enter the Top Three twice, but never for his own performance
  • The Drone Drill maneuver had a lasting impact on many games, and is nowadays forbidden in most leagues as offensive move. Its meaning for defense is still very important, especially in 2on2 matches.
  • In many live streams and show matches a nuclear strike in combination with an EMP is stil used today

Highlight Movie[edit]