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Pimpest Plays/2003

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Honorable Mentions[edit]

Rekrul Barricade[edit]

The first honorable mention features the US Protoss Rekrul[pG]. His usage of the cloaked Dark Templars as well as stasis to block ramps earned him a spot in the introduction of the 2003 series, even though nothing new was used.

Million Man March[edit]

In this PvT EchoOfRain uses an unusual spell: hallucination. This way he has no need of observers and simply walks into Mordor, ignoring all spider mines. The Terran could do nothing but type GG and leave the game.

NaDa's BBQ[edit]

Another infamous TvZ on Lost Temple, this time featuring the Korean Progamer NaDa. The key role has a single firebat and a hand full of medics, that are being dropped into the Zerg's main base. The drop was spotted, but the incoming Zergling masses got burned when NaDa decided he didn't want to lose his forces.

Pimpest Plays 2003[edit]

Place 10: Boxer's SCV Rush[edit]

When Boxer faces Yellow a lot of drama is guaranteed. This time the Emperor faced his arch enemy in KGPA Winner Championship Finals, set 3. The Terran opens with a hardcore SCV Rush and a couple of Marines to tear down Yellows natural along with all his economy and a bunch of Zerglings. As is tradition. The reason why that game is listed can be understood both from a historical point of view (both being each others arch enemy) and the flawless micro presented by the Emperor while being in a very tight spot.

Place 9: Ghosts and the Shells[edit]

This PvT features almost every Bio unit the Terran has. iGor used ghosts to support his drops on cliffs: he simply locked down every incoming shuttle. Furthermore Vessels and EMP made the complete game so exotic, that it earned itself a spot in the Top 10 of 2003.

Place 8: Yellow Swarm[edit]

Today the defiler and dark swarm are a common unit in TvZ. Back in 2003 defilers weren't really used, only if the Zerg could outplay Terran either way. In this particular play Yellow showed how powerful Zerg can be in late game. Definitely one of the games that influenced the Metagame a lot.

Place 7: Frosting[edit]

The second TvT ever making it into the Pimpest Plays series features one of the foreign Progamers. Elky shows here that not only mechanics matter, making up strategies for each map is key. The Frenchman abuses the narrow chokes and crude paths of Bifrost in many ways, which eventually gives him the edge over his opponent, who can only react. Outstanding play, especially a very nice example of how prepared build orders can win games.

Place 6: Oddysay's Manner Rax[edit]

Proxy Gate vs Proxy Barracks, cheese vs cheese. Sometimes, players decide to do an all-in, and sometimes, both try to do it at the same time. Chances are really low they built their proxies next to each other. This is a game where exactly that happened. A base trade and an elimination race by the book. In theory sOOv' came out on top of it all as he had a probe left to mine, whereas Terran only had his floating buildings. However, mining with your probe is good, but getting it blocked in between mineral patches by a landing Barracks isn't. If there is a reason to commit suicide because of BW, then it's probably when you fall victim to that move.

Place 5: ForU Web Slinging[edit]

WCG 2004 winner vs. another Korean Progamer. This PvT shows that even unusual units like Corsairs can play an important role. ForU used this anti-air unit to neutralize the opponent's tank lines with the help of Disruption Webs - a clear sign that he doesn't need 50 Gates to win.

Place 4: Liquid'Drone's Pylon Prison[edit]

Eriador always had the image of a more cheesy and unusual player. This replay explains why: today everybody knows the fact that units spawn at the bottom of buildings for Terran and Protoss. Back in 2003 this fact was also known, but nobody thought this phenomenon through - except Eriador. He saw the unfortunate building placement of his opponent and simply blocked the entrance. That caught sexygirl by surprise, and he (or she) couldn't help but lose the game to that move.

Place 3: Giyom's Maelstroms[edit]

The only foreigner ever to win an OSL made another appearance in the Top 10 Pimpest Plays. In his match against ZergLee, the Canadian faced the nightmare of any Protoss: a massive amount of hive units. With exceptional and almost flawless control Grrrr... fought like a brave, using Maelstrom, Psi Storm and Mind Control. Definitely the best PvZ of the year 2003.

Place 2: Boxer's Base Move[edit]

The second set of the Finals already placed at #10. This time Boxer opened with a proxy barracks in the center of Blade Storm. As Yellow tries to scout the Terran's main, the command center is lifted and the workers are gone which confused the Zerg quite a bit. As this move took quite some time, it eventually was the reason of the Emperor losing this game.

Place 1: H.O.T-Forever's Divine Wind & NaDa's Amazing Maze[edit]

Both places are from the very same game, a TvZ on the island map Isle of Sirens. The second part featured an ordinary Medic&Marine drop of NaDa. When the Zerg sends in units to clean up the forces, NaDa abuses his opponent's sim city: he runs in between a greater spire and other nearby structures, maximizing his damage output. The ultralisks can not reach the forces. The first part is an equally amazing move, this time done by H.O.T-Forever. As the game went on, Terran transitioned into a fleet of battle cruisers. Those got totally crushed by an army of scourges. From one second to another NaDa lost over 60 supply worth of units.


  • Yellow won the first place for "most appearances in Pimpest Plays 2003", but sadly nothing else
  • Maps with unusual paths between the starting positions (Bifrost) seem to bring up more unconventional strategies
  • The Pylon Prisons are still a valuable trick to abuse the opponent's building placement and varieties of it had a huge impact on the following editions of the Pimpest Plays

Highlight Movie[edit]