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Pimpest Plays/2004

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki

Unpimpest Plays[edit]

The add-on unmpimpest plays was added to the collection in 2004 and featured the most anticlimatic and more funny games.


Every player knows what it feels like losing against a hardcore cheese. Especially Yellow. Anyhow, this time the proxy gateways from Kingdom didn't work out as he was able to block the entrances of both, when his building placement worked completely against him. He left in under three minutes without killing a single unit.

Can't Hear a Thing[edit]

This "play" doesn't feature an actual game. A relatively unknown player called Starcue won over 9000 internets when he tried to play against Tossgirl. Sadly, he wasn't able to put on his headphones the right way.

Honorable Mentions[edit]

Rekrul's Fireball[edit]

Another example of how close games can end in Brood War: Rekrul is down to a few units, but has nothing left. The Terran has a bunch of units left over, but no minerals. Now the well known American uses everything in his repertoire to make a hell of a comeback.

Race to the Finish[edit]

Draws occur only one in a million time, the real ones at least. In this game both players go for an all-in and enter a race to the finish. Sadly, they eliminate each other at the very same time stamp, resulting them in both losing the game but earning a spot as "honorable mention".

Pimpest Plays 2004[edit]

Place 10: Shadow Jump[edit]

Many games are won by only the bare will not to accept the situation. In this game a draw is in the air, as both are mined out and have no detection left, but a couple of Dark Templars. Textbook warps in a Pylon and blocks the ramp with one of his Dark Templars. eXeCuToR gathers three of his own DTs right below this blockade and morphs them into an Dark Archon, which is a fat unit. The morphing process screws up the AI of the hold-position DT blocking, thus giving enough space for the third waiting Dark Templar.

Place 9: Master of Disruption[edit]

This PvZ is a very long macro battle between two highskilled players. The Protoss uses his Disruption Web of Corsairs to an extent never seen before.

Place 8: Dunaj Tactics[edit]

This mirror is another of the Draw games ever so present in the 2004 edition. It lasted for over three hours, in which BlackMasteR went afk, since both players were mined out and had only very few armies left. Dunaj completely ignored the fact of his opponent leaving his keyboard and killed off him with only an Arbiter Mind Control and Hallucination.

Place 7: Korhal Cannon Rush[edit]

In WCG 2004 the Austrian Dany was seen as one of the less skilled players, compared to the other participants. Still, he was preparing very well for his matches on Korhal of Ceres: he performed a cannon rush behind minerals for the first time. The new thing about it was how he used two Pylons to wall himself in. Nowadays this move is known to almost every Protoss, back then it wasn't.

Place 6: Pylon Prison II[edit]

VOD on

Kingdom's second entry in the 2004 edition was a more fortunate one. In his PvT against TheMarine he used two pylons to modify Eriador's 2003 Pylon Prison against Terran. When the Protoss saw that his opponent's facility was built too close to the edge of the map he simply blocked the entrance, gaining enough time to win the game from here.

Place 5: Good Overlord[edit]

This is another of the epic clashes Boxer vs. Yellow, and as is tradition, a bunker rush is the build of choice. Yellow, unusually, is able to defend the Rush from the emperor by distracting the fire with an overlord, just long enough to defend his expansion.

Place 4: Marine Shock Squadron[edit]

This move started a big discussion about whether it was a fake, a hack, artificially done vs CPU or only possible due to hardcore lag. However, this move is one of the most extraordinary ones in the history of the Pimpest Plays series. The Terran completely outmicros two lurkers with only three marines in a flawless manner, definitely a must see.

Place 3: Oov's Marine Spread[edit]

Two bonjwas battling it out. Again, a minor move and another example of brilliant micro. As Oov is retreating, he manages to spread his bio forces against incoming lurkers, covered by dark swarm. A perfect save.

Place 2: Boxer's Vulture Jump[edit]

The emperor can not be stopped, not even by a pylon wall-in. As his vultures approach a "safe" expansion Boxer shows how creative you can be: simply lay some mines and abuse the weird AI pathing.

Place 1: Arbiter Reloaded[edit]

Back in 2004 island maps like Parallel Lines were used quite often. Mostly the games lasted a bit longer, and weren't that entertaining. This time the Dreamer showed why he is one of the very few players to change an entire match up compeltely: an perfectly timed recall with combination of [hallucination] into GoodFriend's base under a lot of stress. Risky, but it paid off. Nal_rA took this one.


  • Kingdom was the only player to enter both Unpimpest Plays and Pimpest Plays in the same year.
  • It's not sure whether Dany invented the Cannon Rush on Korhal of Ceres or not; a fact is that dozens of players on low level ranks tried to perform that move in WGT after the WCG replays were released
  • The cannon rush game did not get #1 in's "Best of WCG 04", only #7
  • 2004 was the second time Rekrul entered the Honorable Mentions. He never made it into the Top10.

Highlight Movie[edit]