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Pimpest Plays/2005

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki

Pimpest Plays 2005[edit]

Place 10: One Ling to Rule Them All[edit]

The first ZvZ to enter the pimpest plays was more or less an elimination race. dOnKK went in with mass lings and Salgui took revenge with a single Mutalisk. As narrative demands, the mutalisk and the lings are the only fighting units left, no drones, no static defense. In theory Air beats ground by far; but not when dOnKK pulls of a lot of ling dancing and finishes the last building with the very last hit he has left.

Place 9: Boxer's Wraith Dance[edit]

The TvZ itself was a very close one, the emperor was facing a loss time after time. At the end all he has left are three wraiths, one of which has no more energy to cloak itself. The remaining nine scourges of AnomiA chase the damaged air fleet. Boxer again pulls off amazing micro and escapes his defeat once again.

Place 8: Boxer's Comeback[edit]

In So1 OSL Boxer had to face Pusan in the semi finals, and it wasn't looking too good for him. The game starts out and the emperor is almost losing the game. From there, something must have happened, as he fought his way back into the game and turned everything upside down.

Place 7: Barracks Hop[edit]

VOD on YouTube

At BlizzCon 2005 NaDa and YellOw met. Everyone was longing for a long lasting macro battle between those two heroes. Nothing like that happened. NaDa decided the game with an abuse of a glitch: he placed all his bio forces near a mineral line that sepperated him from his opponent's base and pushed all of them through that barrier with a landing barracks.

Place 6: Boxer's Minetrap[edit]

VOD on YouTube

In So1 OSL's Finals against Anytime, the emperor is close to losing, he is 1-2 behind in a Bo5. Under high pressure his incredible will turns the game upside down - again. Boxer sneaks out three vultures a few minutes into the game and lays mines between the two main bases and starts to chase Anytime's dragoon into the perfectly placed trap.

Place 5: Martyrdom[edit]

VOD on YouTube

So1 OSL Semi Finals again, Set 1 on 815 this time. Wraiths are pretty useless in PvT if no island map is played. Boxer is able to take down every detection with his wraith. That doesn't stop Pusan. With a nice move the Protoss is able to kill off all cloaked units with the help of friendly fire and splash damage.

Place 4: NaDa's Salvation Army[edit]

NaDa was given the title Master of Puppets by Spitfire due to this move. The TvZ on Luna was a rather long one. After 20 minutes in the game Terran had to face a massive army of Ultralisks and Zerglings, supported by dark swarm. Now, Ultralisks maybe hard to deal with, but not if you can block them under dark swarm with the help of a dozen medics. Access denied.

Place 3: Darkness[edit]

Preparation and timing are everything in Brood War. Anytime's especially. Both players started cross positions on R-Point and the Protoss started with a gas heavy Dark Templar Rush, after scouting an expansion of Zerg. And it worked. Hard to describe, you can only see for yourself how jaw dropping that game was.

Place 2: Reach's Lockdown[edit]

Another very long PvZ. Mantoss had to face a massive devourer army in the late game. No problem though, as maelstrom, psi-storm and corsairs finish them off within seconds.

Place 1: Eye for an Eye[edit]

Unlike other Zerg JulyZerg knows how to counter a bunker rush. Simply pull your drones and counterattack.