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Pimpest Plays/2007

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki

Pimpest Plays 2007 only has eight real plays, but 3 honorable mentions, one of which is theoretically an "unpimp play", as used in the 2004 Volume.

Honorable Mentions[edit]

Zelniq's Cliff Jump[edit]

Zelniq is the last unknown player to enter the pimpest plays. He showed incredible creativity when he played a PvT against another unknown casual player on Lost Temple. The Terran started on the 6 o'clock position and walled himself in, and relied on this wall as he trained no Marine to be absolutely safe. Zelniq placed several Pylons, a Gateway and his Cybernetics core right next to his opponent's main. Addtionally a few probes were dragged to the gateway. Everything was so tight that the only exit of the building was on the plateau - directly inside the Terrans base.

Chalrenge's Draw[edit]

Another very long PvP that ended in a draw.

Unpimp: Bisu's Ultimate Proxy[edit]

The second mirror match of 2007 features Bisu playing against the relatively unkown Pokju. Young Bisu completely humiliated his opponent by building every structure in his base and killing him off with Zealots.

Pimpest Plays[edit]

Place 8: Boxer's fake SP[edit]

Boxer shows another time how impressive his mind game is: this time he abuses the fact that his opponent went out to scout very late. He puts two of his marines on a choke of a different starting position and thus tricks Sheis to send his first vulture there.

Place 7: NaDa's Yamato Micro[edit]

At the end of a long Terran vs Terran NaDa completely crushes his opponent's forces with a flawless use of the Yamato Guns.

Place 6: Jaedong's ee han timing mutalisks[edit]

The birth of "Ee Han Timing": Jaedong is behind shortly after Stork's initial harass. But the Stork slumps just a little, more than enough for the Zerg to adapt his build. With a jaw dropping timing Jaedong sends out his mutalisks and completely crushes Stork.

Place 5: Iris's Mine Hide[edit]

In his game against Nal_rA Iris opened with an FD Push which got horribly outmicroed. With an observer in the Protoss army the game was over. Theoretically. The Terran simply floated his barracks over one last mine dividing the incoming forces from his natural. When rA moved in the trap closed and he lost all his Dragoons.

Place 4: Crazy-Hydra Muta Micro[edit]

Another very close mirror match. Min destroys Crazy-Hydra's spire early on, but still three mutas pop out. Even though having the advantage the three mutalisks rape everything due to excellent micro.

Place 3: Monty Hall Antics[edit]

The map Monty Hall is made for cheese and unusual games. It's main bases are walled in by a few mineral patches, which make require different strategies. On place three there are two matches that are equally insane.

In the first game Flash uses a specified strategy to rush Bisu. For this the monster Terran builds a refinery at one of the expansions close to the minerals blocking his way to Bisu's main. Once his SCV started to finish harvesting minerals he sends them into the gas, thus gaining one more load on the minerals. Amazing adaption that earned him this spot.

The second game on Monty Hall features a ZvT. This time sAviOr tries to rush Light - but can not enter his base due to a timely block with the help of a supply depot. The following game could only develop on this weird map.

Place 2: Silver's Monty Hall Build[edit]

The second place goes to another TvZ on Monty Hall. Silver made a ballsy and yet smart decision: simply "rush expand" in your enemies choke and deny every expansion.

Place 1: Casy's Fake FE[edit]

This TvZ features probably one of the smartest moves ever done in professional gaming. Casy knew that his natural was being observed by an overlord, which was only seeing the mineral line. So, Terran smartly pulled some SCVs to there and pretended to harvest, thus faking an expansion. Once JulyZerg saw the SCVs he moved his overlord out of sight, falsly assuming he was in a safe position for the next minutes. The mind game paid out, as Terran just walked over the sunkens and destroyed everything.

Highlight Movie[edit]