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Map Information
Spawn Positions:
3 at 3, 7 and 11
Competition Span:
Aug – Nov 2008, Aug - Nov 2020, currently in use Remastered ladder(season 8, 9)


Plasma was used in the Incruit 2008 OSL. Designed as a semi-island map, it's most notable feature was the neutral Zerg eggs which needed to be destroyed for units to pass through. Considered by some to be imbalanced for Terran against Zerg, and questionably balanced in other matchups, the map was unused for many years. In 2020 the map was chosen for use in ASL 10 and also as a ladder map for Season 8 of Blizzard's remastered ladder. Despite some balance concerns Plasma still resulted in a number of notable games in the KeSPA era.

Main Bases (3,7 and 11 o'clock): 9 mineral patches at 1500 each, 1 Geyser with 5000 Gas, single ramp entrance.

Natural Expansions (4,6 and 10 o'clock):6 minerals patches at 1500 each.

Third Bases (2,8 and 12 o'clock): 7 mineral patches at 1500 each, 1 Geyser with 5000 gas.

4rd Bases (1,5 and 9 o'clock) : 7 mineral patches at 1500 each, 1 Geyser with 5000 gas, single ramp entrance.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Main,natural and 3rd base are in one big pocket,which entrances are connected to the other players pockets.Aswell as to a middle pocket, but all are blocked by Eggs.
  • All players 4th base are in a middle pocket.
  • Dropable areas next to the players entrances, between "Main Pockets".
  • Small mains
  • Small ramp into the main
  • Neutral eggs to block units until destroyed
  • Minerals on both sides of the eggs to allow workers to pass through the eggs, allowing for scouting
  • Narrow center with access to 3 high ground expansions

Notable Games[edit]

Plasma South Korea Terran Flash 2008 Incruit OSL - A surprise comeback in a game every viewer thought was already lost
South Korea Zerg GGPlay
Date: 2008-10-10
Patch: VOD
Plasma South Korea Terran Midas 2008 Incruit OSL - Perhaps the first glimpse of the SKT/Fantasy Valkyrie builds that would come to revolutionize TvZ.
South Korea Zerg Yellow(ArnC)
Date: 2008-08-23
Patch: VOD
Plasma South Korea Protoss Bisu 2008 Incruit OSL - Rarely seen one base carriers strategy in PvP
South Korea Protoss Much
Date: 2008-09-12
Patch: VOD
Plasma South Korea Protoss Stork 2008 Incruit OSL - Dropship play and a highly calculated build.
South Korea Terran Fantasy
Date: 2008-11-01
Patch: VOD
Plasma South Korea Protoss Stork 2008 Incruit OSL - Non hidden in-base double Gateway Proxy in a high level PvP.
South Korea Protoss BeSt
Date: 2008-10-24
Patch: VOD

Recent Games[edit]

This automatically generated table shows the 10 most recent games with VODs and can be modified here.
DateTimeTournamentOpponentVs. OpponentVOD
2008-11-01[[2008_Incruit_OSL/Elimination_Bracket|]]Stork Protoss South KoreaFantasySouth Korea Terran FantasyWatch VOD
2008-10-24[[2008_Incruit_OSL/Elimination_Bracket|]]Stork Protoss South KoreaBeStSouth Korea Protoss BeStWatch VOD
2008-10-17[[2008_Incruit_OSL/Elimination_Bracket|]]Fantasy Terran South KoreaGGPlaySouth Korea Zerg GGPlayWatch VOD
2008-10-03[[2008_Incruit_OSL/Elimination_Bracket|]]GGPlay Zerg South KoreaFlashSouth Korea Terran FlashWatch VOD
2008-10-03[[2008_Incruit_OSL/Elimination_Bracket|]]BeSt Protoss South KoreaMidasSouth Korea Terran MidasWatch VOD
2008-10-03[[2008_Incruit_OSL/Elimination_Bracket|]]Mind Terran South KoreaFantasySouth Korea Terran FantasyWatch VOD
2008-09-262008 Incruit OSLMidas Terran South KoreaThezergSouth Korea Zerg ThezergWatch VOD
2008-09-242008 Incruit OSLLuxury Zerg South KoreaMindSouth Korea Terran MindWatch VOD
2008-09-192008 Incruit OSLSea Terran South KoreaBackHoSouth Korea Protoss BackHoWatch VOD
2008-09-172008 Incruit OSLFantasy Terran South KoreaStorkSouth Korea Protoss StorkWatch VOD


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