Player Biography Resources

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This page contains some resources you can utilize when filling out the Player Pages.

What Pictures to use?[edit]

First and foremost: Use the pictures kindly contributed by NeverGG. She gracefully conceded to us to use them, opposed to fomos and all the other sites that we did not even ask permission from. So, where you can, replace pictures with NeverGG content. Either look at the Photo Collection, search the forums (look for topic starter!) or at her website that has a Starcraft Gallery. For clarification, visit the feedback thread. Thanks!

To find out, which player pages need a picture update, simply look at: File:PlayerImagePlaceholder.png and see what pages use it!

Other Links[edit]

Interesting Details[edit]

Try to find facts that are as static as possible (A fact that does not require much updating). You can list:

  • Best Match-up.
  • Favorite Enemy (most games/wins against him).
  • Best Map (with extraordinary stats on it of course).
  • etc.
  • When adding exemplary games, please include a short reason, why this game was selected!

Table of Achievements[edit]

--- coming up ---