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The long illustrious history of StarCraft, both past and present, has largely been built on the shoulders of its players. This Players Portal serve to provide a catalog of all the players who have a presence on Liquipedia and a glimpse of their careers. A number of these players have emerged as figures of admiration and emulation, competing with passion and flair as they achieved success while entertaining the viewing audience, and are thus presented in more detail below.

Although StarCraft's most developed player base resides in South Korea, both non-Korean or "foreign" players are represented at Liquipedia. While many such foreign players are presented in this Players section, their presence is often overshadowed by the large number of South Korean competitors. Fundamentally, this reflects the dominance of the competitive international landscape by South Korean players, including their eleven consecutive titles at the most prominent international tournament, the World Cyber Games, which were won in commanding fashion. Correspondingly, interest in the game was eagerly encouraged by Korean entities, with wide-spread coverage and availability of StarCraft-related information, including at least two Korean television stations dedicated to StarCraft and e-Sports. Nonetheless, the number of talented South Korean players does not diminish the non-Korean presence, as many strong participants from across Europe, Asia, and the Americas competed in a variety of lucrative local and international tournaments. With many players speaking English, language was less of a barrier, enabling many of these competitors to interact with and foster various vibrant online communities. As such, although the number of Korean players cataloged in these pages are large, the international landscape was alive and well, and readers are invited to explore more about these non-Korean competitors here.

For our readers, if a noteworthy participant is absent or insufficiently documented, do consider authoring or contributing to making the site more comprehensive. For help and hints about how to complete player biographies, please see the biography resources guide.

Highlighted Players

Select players from StarCraft history, in order of historical peak Elo ratings:

Among the strongest players in history. Highest Elo rating and longest reign atop KeSPA ranking ever recorded. Re-defined various match-ups, particularly modern TvP.

One of best players in history. Second highest Elo rating and longest rule as top Zerg on KeSPA ranking. Perfected modern ZvP game while dominating ZvZ match-up.

Top active player and among best in history, particularly innovative and dominant in PvZ match-up. Longest reign as top Protoss on KeSPA ranking, third highest peak Elo.

Dominant force during his peak years. Influential macro-based, multitasking-intensive strategies, notably TvP. Among highest Elo ratings. Coaching prowess extended legacy.

Long consistent career, seven-plus years in the KeSPA top 30. Tied for most Starleague titles. Game-play characterized by machine-like precision. One of highest Elo ratings recorded.





Master strategist, revolutionized both ZvT and ZvP when Zerg innovation was stagnant to dominate his peak years. Among highest Elo. Scandal vacated titles, tarnished career.

Brought Korea to forefront of international competitive StarCraft. First to achieve celebrity status. Longest reign atop KeSPA ranking. Heralded for micro-based creativity.

One of few "foreigners" to play professionally in South Korea. Top 5 performances at multiple Starleagues and four appearances at WCG, with victory at 2003 WCG Euro.

First dominant force in earliest days of disjointedness, ascended to become one of few "foreigners" in South Korea after success locally. Only non-Korean to win a Starleague.

Among strongest non-Korean players. Recognized for ZvP play. Represented Germany four times on international stage at WCG, as well as victory at 2005 WCG Euro.

For a list of Starleague Champions, click → 

Starleague Champions

From 1999 to 2012, the most renowned and prestigious individual tournaments were the South Korean OnGameNet Starleague (OSL) and the MBCGame StarCraft League (MSL). The below captures the title winners from each respective Starleague. The full list of top finishers can be found at their respective pages, or compiled in matrix form here.

OSL Winners

Terran NaDa · Zerg July · Zerg Jaedong · Terran Flash
Protoss GARIMTO · Terran Boxer · Terran iloveoov · Protoss JangBi
Zerg Freemura · Protoss Grrrr... · Protoss Kingdom · Protoss Reach · Terran XellOs · Terran Sync · Protoss Nal_rA · Protoss Anytime · Terran Casy · Zerg sAviOr · Zerg GGPlay · Protoss Stork · Zerg EffOrt · Terran FanTaSy

MSL Winners

Terran NaDa - Terran iloveoov - Zerg sAviOr - Protoss Bisu - Terran Flash
Zerg Jaedong
Terran Boxer - Protoss Nal_rA - Zerg GoRush - Zerg ChoJJa - Terran Mind - Terran fOrGG - Zerg Luxury - Zerg Calm - Zerg Hydra

Notable Players

These notable players represent both past and present, featuring the top 20 highest historical peak Elo ratings, winners of multiple Starleague titles, WCG champions, and the strongest active players. Two peak Elo ratings are presented to distinguish the KeSPA-governed era from the post-KeSPA state today.

South Korea South Korea

South Korea Players
ID Real Name Team Links
Mun Seong Won
Bae Byung Woo
Kang Gu Yeol
Choi Hong Hee
Kim Seong Dae
Kim Eun Ha
Bang Tae Soo
Kim Tae Yong
Kim Young Ju
Oh Yeong Jong
Kim Byoung Soo
Song Byung Seok
Jun Tae Yang
Park Chan Moon
Son Chan Woong
Kim Geon Wook
Hwang Byung Yung StarCastTV StarsStarCastTV Stars StarCastTV Stars
Chang Suk Joon
Jung Woo Yong
Doh Jae Wook
Jeong Min Ki CarariyoCarariyo Carariyo
Kim Taek Yong
Gather the BoysGather the Boys Gather the Boys
Baek Hyungchul
Lee Shin Hyung
Kim Bo Hyun
Byun Young Bong
Lim Yo Hwan SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T1 SK Telecom T1
Son Kyung Hoon
Lim Tae Gyu
Kim Bong Joon
Lee Moo Hyung
Bunkie SK Telecom T1SK Telecom T1 SK Telecom T1
Jung Jin Hyun
Han Ji Won
Kang Tae Wan SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming
Byun Sung Chul
Kwak Dong Hoon
Kim Yoon Hwan STX SouLSTX SouL STX SouL
Ko In Kyu Air Force ACEAir Force ACE Air Force ACE
Kim Ji Hyun
Han Dong Wook
Choi In Kyu
Kim Chae-rin SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming
Lee Seung Hoon
Lee Jung Hyun Air Force ACEAir Force ACE Air Force ACE
Kim Nam Gi
Jo Yong Ho
Song Pureum
Kim Doh Woo
Han Kyu Jong KT RolsterKT Rolster KT Rolster
Jo Hyung Kun
Cha Jae Wook
Noh Jae Sang
Park Hyo Min
Na Doh Hyun
Kim Won Gi
Lim Jung Hyun
Cha Dae Han
Jinsik Oh
Park Dae Man
Kim su jung
Kim Sung Ki
Moon Ji Hoon
Baek Dong-jun
Kim Min Ho
Choi Soo Bum
Kwun Oh Hyuk
Lee Hak Ju
Song Ho Yung
Kim Min Gyu
Jo Yong Sung
Kim Jung Woo
Lee Hun
Sung Jun Mo
Ahn Hyung Mo
Choi Ji Sung
Jung Myung Hoon
Kim Tae Mok
Kim Jae Choon
Lee Young Ho
Yumin StarCastTV StarsStarCastTV Stars StarCastTV Stars
Kim Kwang Sup
Shin Jae Wook Woongjin StarsWoongjin Stars Woongjin Stars
Kim Dong Kun
Jang Yong Seok
Choi Jin Woo
Kim Dong Soo
Park Hyun Jun
Kim Joon Yung
Lee Hyun Seung
Kim Dong Ju
Park Tae Min
Jaewook Lee
Lee Byung Min
Yoo Byung Joon
Kim Seung Hyun Air Force ACEAir Force ACE Air Force ACE
Kang Doh Gyung
Heo Hyeon-Seung
Song Hyeon Deok
Kim Kyu Hoi
Ku Sung Hoon
Bae Sung Hm
Kim Sang Wook
Koh Kang Min KT RolsterKT Rolster KT Rolster
Lee Kyung Min
Hwang Seung Hyuk SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming
Jin Yung Soo
Shin Dong Won
Ko Seok Hyun
Park Jae Hyuk
Jang Il Seok
Park Seung Ho
Im Sung Choon
Jang Min Chul
Byun Hyung Tae
Lee Kyun Taek
Byun Eun Jong
Lee Jae Dong
Kim Jae Hoon
Heo Yeong Moo Samsung KHANSamsung KHAN Samsung KHAN
Kim Ga Eul Samsung KHANSamsung KHAN Samsung KHAN
Lee Jae Hwang
Jang Jin Nam
Jang Jin Su
Do Jin Kwang
Park Sung Joon
Yoo Jun Hee Samsung KHANSamsung KHAN Samsung KHAN
Nah Kyung Bo
Moon Jun Hee
Park Gyung Lak
Won Jong Seo
Jang Yook
Jung Young Jae
Kim Dong Woo
Kim Wan Chul
Kim Ku Hyun
Choi Young-hyun
You Doo Hyun
Kim Dong Ku
Park Joon Oh
Park Yong Wook
Jo Sung Bong
Han Sang Bong
Lee Ki Ho
Son Seung Jae
Lim Hong Gyu
Kim Sung Hyun
Kim Ki Hoon
Lee Woon Jae
Lee Hyun Kyung
Shin Sang Moon
Lee Jae Ho
Son Ju Heung
Kim Sarang
Lee Young Ho
Park Chan Soo
Son Seok Hee
Han Doo Yeol SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming
Am Mae Jang
Kang Jung Woo
Jung Yoo Seok
Shin Jung Min
Ju Hyun Jun
Jun Sang Wook
Lee Gwang Yong SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming
Lee Min Ho
Hwang Kyung Young
Park Sung Gyoon
Jin Woong
Kim Hyun Woo
Yoon Chan Hee
Won Seon Jae
Jin Young Hwa
Sung Hak Seung
Park Yeong Min
Jeong Jong Hyeon
Lee Yoon Yeol
Kang Min
Jung Young Joo
Kim Kyung Hyo
Jang Kyung Ho
Han Woong Ryul
Lee Yong Bum
Park Jae Hyun
Kwun Soo Hyun
Lee Joo Yeong
Joo Sung Wook
Jung Kyung Doo
Hyunsoo Shin SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming
Kim Tae Gyoon
Choi Yong Joo
Choi Min Soo
Lim Jin Mook Woongjin StarsWoongjin Stars Woongjin Stars
Seol Hyun Ho
Jaegon Kim
Lee Ho Joon
Park Sae Jung
Park Ji Ho
Kim Hwan Joong
Jung Yoon Jong
Kim Sung Je
Park Jeong Seok
Kim Ki Hyun
Park Sang Woo
Baek Jin Yong
Ahn Jun Ho
Kim Dong Joon
Shin No Yeol Samsung KHANSamsung KHAN Samsung KHAN
Kim Ji Sung
Min Chan Ki
Hong Deok STX SouLSTX SouL STX SouL
Won Sang Il
Yoon Jong Min
Yoo Young Jin
Kim Sang Hoon
Kim Jong Han
Bong Joon Goo
Son Seung Wan
Kim Seok-hyun
Lee Kee Seok
Lee Chang Woo
Lee Yah Hoon
Kim Geun Baek
Kim Dong Hyun
Ha Jae Sang
Shin Sang Ho
Choi Ji Myung
Ryoo Seung Kohn StarCastTV StarsStarCastTV Stars StarCastTV Stars
Kim Hak Soo Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses Evil Geniuses
Yum Bo Sung
노영진 (魯盈眞)
Seo Gyung Jon
Jo Ki Seok
Choi Ka Ram
Lee Young Han SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming
Ahn Sang Won
Kim Jae Hyun
Oh Chung Hoon
Kim Yoon Joong
Lee Jae Hang
Ju Jin Chul
Shim So Myung
Kim Shin Deok
Ahn Seok Yeol
Ha Neul
Jang Yoon Chul
Park Shin Young
Park Jong Soo
Park Han-byul
Hwang Hyo Jin
Kim Seul Ki
Kim Min Chul
Lee Young Woong StarCastTV StarsStarCastTV Stars StarCastTV Stars
Kim Sang Gon SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming
Won Ji Hoon
Kim Dae Kun
Ji Young Hoon
Han Jae Seon
Kim Dae Yeob
Song Byung Goo
Kim Sun Ki
Nam Seung Hyun
Byun Gil Sup
Park Sung Hoon
Yoon Jong-hyun
Cho Jae Geol
Park Jae Yung
Jo Nam Joon
Lee Ye Joon
Seo Ki Soo
Kook Ki Bong
Kim Jeong Min
Choi Yun Sik
Jung Yung Chul
Hyun Ji Seob
Seo Ji Soo
Cho Sung Ho STX SouLSTX SouL STX SouL
Jo Jae-sung
Park Dae Ho Samsung KHANSamsung KHAN Samsung KHAN
Park Ji-Hoon
Shin Hee Sung
Jo Jung Hyun
Woo Jung Ho KT RolsterKT Rolster KT Rolster
Jung So-yoon
Park Seung Hyun
Kim Sung Woon
Seo Ji Hoon
Hong Jin-Ho
Park Myung Soo
Kim Jin Hyung
Yoon Jin Kyu
Seo Mun Ji Hoon SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming
Jung Jae Woo
Kim Myung Woon
Lim Jae Duk
Park Sung Joon
Kim Yung Min
Jun Tae Gyu
Kim Chang Seon
Park Young Min
Kim Kyoo Hyung
Min Kwang Hyun
Hwang Sung Wook
Lee Kwang Soo
Kim Min Gu
Shin Hyun Su
Jung Woo Seo
Lee Hyeong Yeon
Yoo Jin Woo SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming
Lee Dong-geun
Lee Doo In
Park Ji Soo
Lee Jae Hoon
Lee Sung Eun
Kim Bum Sung
Yoon Yong Tae
Kim Kyung Mo
Kim Chang Hee
Cha Myung Hwan Air Force ACEAir Force ACE Air Force ACE
Bae Ho Yeon
Jo Il Jang
Kim Joon Ho
Yoon Soo Chul SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming
Shin Dae Kun STX SouLSTX SouL STX SouL
Kim Il Jae
Choi Yun Sung
Kim Jong Hwa
Wee Jo Woon
Ji Dong-won
Kim Hyun Jin
Lim Dong Hyuk
Kong Min Chang
Lim Sung Jin
Kim Kyung Hoon
Byun Hyun Je
Eu Yoon Su
Yoo Byung Joon
Kim Bum Su SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming
Ju Yung Dal Samsung KHANSamsung KHAN Samsung KHAN
Park Chul-soon
Kim Seong Jin
Yoo Sung Yeob
Lee Seung Suk
Ma Jae Yoon
Jo Byung Se
Choi Ho Seon
Lee Chang Hoon
Park Sang Hyun SouL GamingSouL Gaming SouL Gaming
Park Sung Jin
Moon Sung Jin
Kim Joon Hyuk
Choi Yoon Sun
Park Yong Woon
Kim Hyun Jun
Hwang Bo Kun Woo

Each player's ID, name, race, nationality, age, and team are sourced from the individual's Liquipedia player page. The Elo rating is a dynamic measure of a player's performance or ability against other players, where the peak Elo value denotes the maximum value reached over the player's career while the date reached marks when the player was most dominant. Earlier competitors in StarCraft history played largely in the KeSPA-governed era, thus are generally associated with a KeSPA-era peak Elo rating, while more recent players generally have a post-KeSPA Elo value. Some players have values for both as their playing careers span both time periods. The achievements column uses the medals icon to mark the presence (but not quantity) of significant tournament titles on the player's Liquipedia page. Each player's achievement history can further be explored at the individual player's various TeamLiquid Progaming Database (TLPD) profiles. The currently streaming column indicates the player's Afreeca (online streaming) link.