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Pomi: Matches

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
Overall 17W : 21L (44.74%) in series, 40W : 46L (46.51%) in games
DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2019-02-24A2MinorBW Jeez weekly 8BW Jeez weekly 80:1Russia Protoss Dreamer
2019-02-24A2MinorBW Jeez weekly 8BW Jeez weekly 81:0Sweden Zerg AgGe
2010-07-23A1MajorWCG Russia 2010WCG Russia 20101:2Russia Terran Heme
2010-07-23A1MajorWCG Russia 2010WCG Russia 20101:2Russia Terran Advokate
2010-07-23A1MajorWCG Russia 2010WCG Russia 20102:1Russia Zerg Bylat
2009-08-29A1MajorASUS Summer 2009ASUS Summer 20090:2Russia Terran Advokate
2009-08-29A1MajorASUS Summer 2009ASUS Summer 20092:1Russia Terran Tech
2009-07-25A1MajorWCG Russia 2009WCG Russia 20090:2Russia Terran Advokate
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters Cheonan:WPoland Protoss Dreiven
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters Cheonan:WUkraine Terran Strelok
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters CheonanW:Germany Protoss infernal
2009-05-03A1MajorESWC Masters CheonanESWC Masters CheonanW:Poland Terran Tarson
2008-11-07A0PremierWCG 2008WCG 20080:1Malaysia Terran JohnRambo
2008-11-0714:30 UTCA0PremierWCG 2008WCG 20080:1China Protoss LoveTT
2008-11-07A0PremierWCG 2008WCG 20081:0Costa Rica Protoss GKToss
2008-11-07A0PremierWCG 2008WCG 20080:1South Korea Zerg Luxury
2008-09-12A1MajorWCG Russia 2008WCG Russia 20082:1Russia Protoss localhost
2008-09-12A1MajorWCG Russia 2008WCG Russia 20082:1Russia Terran BRAT_OK
2008-09-12A1MajorWCG Russia 2008WCG Russia 20082:1Russia Terran Demich
2008-09-12A1MajorWCG Russia 2008WCG Russia 20082:1Russia Terran Advokate
2007-08-23A1MajorAsus Summer 2007Asus Summer 20070:1Russia Terran Pro7ect
2007-08-23A1MajorAsus Summer 2007Asus Summer 20071:2Russia Terran Androide
2007-08-23A1MajorAsus Summer 2007Asus Summer 20072:0Russia Unknown sexyvulture
2006-10-10A1MajorSandlot TournamentSandlot Tournament2:1Brazil Terran Odin
2006-09-23A1MajorSandlot TournamentSandlot Tournament0:2South Korea Zerg Zergstory_Namoo
2006-08-25A1MajorAsus Summer 2006Asus Summer 20060:2Russia Terran Kazuya
2006-08-25A1MajorAsus Summer 2006Asus Summer 20061:2Russia Zerg U3
2006-08-19A1MajorWCG Russia 2006WCG Russia 20060:1Russia Protoss Bruce
2006-08-19A1MajorWCG Russia 2006WCG Russia 20061:2Russia Terran Apm150Terran
2005-08-27A1MajorWCG Russia 2005WCG Russia 20051:2Russia Terran Escape
2005-08-27A1MajorWCG Russia 2005WCG Russia 20050:2Russia Terran Androide
2005-08-27A1MajorWCG Russia 2005WCG Russia 20052:0Russia Terran Fatal
2005-08-27A1MajorWCG Russia 2005WCG Russia 20052:0Russia Terran Demich
2005-08-27A1MajorWCG Russia 2005WCG Russia 20052:0Russia Zerg Dania
2005-05-21A2MinorAsus Spring 2005Asus Spring 20051:2Ukraine Terran Topick
2005-05-21A2MinorAsus Spring 2005Asus Spring 20050:2Russia Terran Androide
2004-10-26A2MinorAsus Autumn 2004Asus Autumn 20040:2Russia Terran Androide
2004-10-26A2MinorAsus Autumn 2004Asus Autumn 20042:1Russia Terran Escape
2004-10-26A2MinorAsus Autumn 2004Asus Autumn 20042:1Russia Zerg Scout
2004-10-26A2MinorAsus Autumn 2004Asus Autumn 20041:2Russia Terran Androide
2004-10-26A2MinorAsus Autumn 2004Asus Autumn 20042:0Russia Terran Ex
2004-10-26A2MinorAsus Autumn 2004Asus Autumn 20042:1Russia Zerg Scout