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In the remastered version of Brood War (StarCraft: Remastered) you can customize your hotkeys, but only the letter keys. The non-letter hotkeys, which are helpful to know, cannot be changed.

Link Description
Grid The default hotkeys use all letter keys on the keyboard. 'Grid' only uses the letter keys on the left of the keyboard (image). On Windows put the downloaded TXT file in the "C:\Users\<YourUsername>\Documents\Starcraft\hotkeys\$device" folder. You can further customize your hotkeys in Brood War. If you play Zerg and use Grid it is advised to change 'Rally' to W. If you'd like to see a comparison between the Default hotkeys and Grid, see this spreadsheet.


Link Description
Liquipedia A community driven wikipedia for Brood War. It's the best resource for tournaments past, present and future with live updated results. Tournament information from Liquipedia is also displayed on the right of the TeamLiquid home page.


Link Description
TeamLiquid The home page presents regularly updated featured news and community news.


Replays allow you to re-watch a match. On Windows replays go in the "C:\Users\<YourUsername>\Documents\Starcraft\Maps\Replays" folder. Your replays save automatically in the 'AutoSave' folder. Watch them by clicking 'Load Replay' on the single player campaign select screen, or by clicking 'Create' in multiplayer and selecting the replay as the map.

Link Description
BWreplays A site that provides Brood War replays. Search for replays from specific players, matchups, etc.


Link Description
BWCharts An analysis program that lets you load replays and see various graphs and plots relating to resources, build orders, APM, supply, etc.
Starlog A site that allows you to view your Brood War profile, the ranked ladder, clans, MMR and race distribution, etc.