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In this portal you can find the links to every tournament page currently on Liquipedia. Each tab is for each tournament tier.

About Tiers[edit]

Premier, Major and Minor are the tiers for the most important tournaments on this wiki. They are categorized as follows:

NameTypical prize poolDescription
Tier 1$10,000+Premier Tournaments offer an outstanding prize pool, and are considered especially prestigious by the community. Are almost exclusively played offline, and feature the best players from all over the world.
Tier 2$1,000+Major Tournaments feature a large prize pool and a good number of top-tier players.The standard for Chinese events after 2021 is $3,000+.
Tier 3$50 - $1,000Minor Tournaments offer a smaller prize pool and less prestige than Tier 2 Tournaments but still draw a high level of competition.
Qualifier$50 - $1,000Qualifier tournaments, for example, ASL qualifiers.
Weekly$50 - $1,000They occur regularly and most often as weekly events, with a prizepool of at least $50.
Show Match$50 - $1,000Invite-only tournament with any prize-pool. Usually top players are invited to play a BoX series against each other. Some times a King of The Hill "winner stays on" format is used. These events often feature well-known players or highly-anticipated matchups that might never come to pass in a regular tournament.

While the prize pool is an important factor for categorizing tournaments, it does not equal a specific tier.

Upcoming and Most Recent Tournaments[edit]

Most Recent[edit]

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Premier, Major[edit]

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