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StarCraft is a Real-time Strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 1998. It was shortly followed with the Brood War expansion pack.

Being an RTS in the same vein as its predecessor WarCraft 2, the player gathers resources in order to produce Buildings with which they can make Units. Game-play is dictated by the strength of one's mechanics, carefully orchestrating macromanagement and micromanagement.

In the single player campaign mode the player plays through several missions in a futuristic universe. However, StarCraft is better known for its multi-player feature that allows players to go head-to-head.

Throughout the years, StarCraft evolved into a competitive E-sport with many tactics and ways to play. It has been played professionally for almost 10 years, in particular in South Korea.

The Game Resources Units Buildings
General introduction to the game How income comes in The many units that can be created The buildings that can be produced
Macromanagement Micromanagement Mechanics Hotkeys & Shortcuts
The importance of economy The power of unit control Multitasking it all together Shortcuts used during play
Definitions Tools Miscellaneous
Various terms in the StarCraft lingo Tools used to complement StarCraft Other noteworthy topics