Premier Tournaments

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Premier Tournaments offer an outstanding prize pool, are frequently played out offline, and feature the best players from all over the world. They are commonly held by well-established franchises and are considered especially prestigious amongst the community.

Tier 1 Tournaments[edit]


Jun 26Aug 15RCG 2021$10,00016Russia VladivostokTBDTBD
Mar 28Jun 6ASL Season 11$72,02728South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  LarvaSouth Korea  Mini
Jan 27Feb 8Sanpao StarLeague Spring Cup Season 2$13,64616China OnlineSouth Korea  SnowSouth Korea  Light


Nov 28Dec 6RCG 2020$15,30016Russia OnlineRussia  DewaltPeru  Dandy
Sep 6Nov 15ASL Season 10$72,05128South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  ZerOSouth Korea  Soma
Feb 16Apr 26ASL Season 9$64,95628South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  ZerOSouth Korea  Light


Oct 31Nov 29KSL Season 4 KSL 4$67,97216South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  LightSouth Korea  Rain
Oct 12Oct 13RCG 2019: Corrupted Cup$10,51623Russia MoscowPoland  BonythPeru  TerrOr
Jun 30Sep 1ASL Season 8$66,22228South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  FlaShSouth Korea  Snow
Apr 18Jun 8KSL Season 3 KSL 3$67,88716South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  RainSouth Korea  Mini
Jan 13Mar 17ASL Season 7$70,46528South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  LastSouth Korea  Mini


Oct 18Dec 15KSL Season 2 KSL 2$71,01316South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  Sharp
Sep 2Oct 28ASL Season 6$70,50128South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  EffOrtSouth Korea  Flash
Jul 19Sep 8KSL Season 1 KSL 1$71,14616South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  LastSouth Korea  Jaedong
Mar 11May 27ASL Season 5$54,31428South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  RainSouth Korea  Snow


Dec 2Dec 3Zotac Cup Masters$20,0006United States Los AngelesUnited States  MichaelCanada  DragOn
Nov 18Nov 19WEGL Starcraft Remaster Super Fight$45,6178South Korea BusanSouth Korea  SoulkeySouth Korea  Larva
Sep 17Nov 2Italian Esports Open$16,0008Italy LuccaSouth Korea  firebatheroRussia  Notforu
Sep 10Nov 12ASL Season 4$89,47628South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  FlashSouth Korea  hero
Apr 13Jun 10SSL Classic Season 1$15,1658South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  EffOrtSouth Korea  free
Apr 11Jun 4ASL Season 3$32,30028South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  FlashSouth Korea  Shine


Nov 26, 2016Jan 22, 2017ASL Season 2$34,26828South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  FlashSouth Korea  Sea
Jun 25Sep 10ASL Season 1$21,88516South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  ShuttleSouth Korea  Sharp


Oct 28, 2015Jan 16, 2016VANT36.5 National Starleague$31,48732South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  EffOrtSouth Korea  Bisu
May 17Aug 3011th SonicTV BJ Starleague$31,41340South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  heroSouth Korea  Bisu
Jan 3Mar 1HungryApp Starz League with Kongdoo$36,32616South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  MindSouth Korea  Kwanro


Dec 24, 2014Feb 15, 201510th SonicTV BJ Starleague$45,46932South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  sSakSouth Korea  Last
Jan 9Mar 159th SonicTV BJ Starleague$16,79532South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  BisuSouth Korea  hero


Sep 22Dec 12013 StarCraft Asian Open$93,19419China OfflineSouth Korea  MovieSouth Korea  beast


Mar 31Aug 42012 Tving OSL$95,23928South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  JangbiSouth Korea  Fantasy


Aug 1Aug 272011 GyeongNam-STX Cup Masters$34,2079South Korea Offlineskthwaseung
Jul 13Sep 172011 Jin Air OSL$97,38828South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  JangBiSouth Korea  Fantasy
Apr 14Jun 11ABC Mart MSL$107,14432South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  FlashSouth Korea  ZerO


Dec 16, 2010Feb 19, 2011PDPop MSL$104,34232South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  HydraSouth Korea  great
Nov 3, 2010Jan 29, 20112010 Bacchus OSL$96,91840South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  FantasySouth Korea  Stork
Sep 30Oct 3WCG 2010$11,00019United States OfflineSouth Korea  FlashSouth Korea  Kal
Jul 26Aug 212010 GyeongNam-STX Cup Masters$33,79111South Korea Offlinesktstx
Jul 1Aug 28Bigfile MSL$96,92332South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  FlashSouth Korea  Jaedong
Jun 16Sep 112010 Korean Air OSL Season 2$92,56140South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  FlashSouth Korea  Jaedong
Apr 1May 29Hana Daetoo Securities MSL$97,08432South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  FlashSouth Korea  Jaedong
Feb 5May 22Korean Air Starleague 2010$89,15840South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  EffOrtSouth Korea  Flash


Nov 26, 2009Jan 23, 2010NATE MSL$100,83832South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  JaedongSouth Korea  Flash
Nov 21, 2009Feb 28, TSL$22,50052World OnlineUnited States  NonYGermany  Mondragon
Nov 11Nov 15WCG 2009$16,00029China OfflineSouth Korea  JaedongSouth Korea  Stork
Oct 14, 2009Jan 17, 20102009 EVER OSL$96,16540South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  FlashSouth Korea  Movie
Aug 3Aug 292009 GyeongNam-STX Cup Masters$32,15911South Korea Offlinesktstx
Jun 6Aug 30Avalon MSL$93,26332South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  CalmSouth Korea  Kwanro
May 6Aug 222009 Bacchus OSL$86,52740South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  JaedongSouth Korea  YellOw[ArnC]
Mar 29Aug 16GOMTV Averatec Intel Classic Season 3$0124South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  FlashSouth Korea  Iris
Jan 15Mar 20Lost Saga MSL$82,64132South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  LuxurySouth Korea  JangBi


Dec 17, 2008Apr 4, 20092008-2009 Batoo OSL$80,68440South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  JaedongSouth Korea  Fantasy
Nov 6Nov 9WCG 2008$23,00038Germany CologneSouth Korea  LuxurySouth Korea  stork
Sep 21, 2008Feb 8, 2009GOMTV Averatec-Intel Classic Season 2$0176South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  BisuSouth Korea  JangBi
Sep 18Nov 222008 Club Day Online MSL$78,07232South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  BisuSouth Korea  JangBi
Aug 12Aug 192008 GyeongNam-STX Cup Masters$38,1134South Korea Offlinestxmbc
Aug 4Nov 12008 Incruit OSL$76,56640South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  StorkSouth Korea  Fantasy
May 11Jun 22008 Razer TSL$10,000 OnlineCanada  IefNaijPoland  Draco
May 1Jul 262008 Arena MSL$115,19332South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  fOrGGSouth Korea  Jaedong
Apr 16Jul 122008 EVER OSL$99,84928South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  JulySouth Korea  BeSt
Apr 13Aug 10GOMTV TG Sambo-Intel Classic Season 1$0148South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  JaedongSouth Korea  Flash
Feb 8Mar 1GOMTV Star Invitational$55,34316South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  FlashSouth Korea  Stork
Jan 16Mar 152008 Bacchus OSL$100,26016South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  FlashSouth Korea  Stork
Jan 3Mar 82008 GOMTV MSL Season 4$104,27532South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  JaedongSouth Korea  Kal


Oct 3Oct 7WCG 2007$26,00038United States OfflineSouth Korea  StorkChina  Pj
Sep 28Dec 222007 EVER OSL$110,56716South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  JaedongSouth Korea  Stork
Sep 13Nov 172007 GOMTV MSL Season 3$126,41632South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  MindSouth Korea  Bisu
May 11Jul 212007 Daum OSL$111,47516South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  GGPlaySouth Korea  Iris
May 3Jul 142007 GOMTV MSL Season 2$126,50632South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  BisuSouth Korea  Stork
Mar 5Mar 172007 Shinhan OSL Masters$44,90911South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  NaDaSouth Korea  sAviOr


Dec 20, 2006Feb 24, 20072006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 3$117,26524South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  sAviOrSouth Korea  NaDa
Dec 7, 2006Mar 3, 20072006 GOMTV MSL Season 1$42,89616South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  BisuSouth Korea  sAviOr
Oct 18Oct 22WCG 2006$43,00048Italy OfflineSouth Korea  iloveoovSouth Korea  July
Aug 25Nov 182006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 2$117,15824South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  NaDaSouth Korea  Anytime
Aug 24Nov 112006 Pringles MSL Season 2$42,82416South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  sAviOrSouth Korea  Silver
Apr 19Jun 232006 Shinhan Bank OnGameNet Starleague Season 1$115,05724South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  CasySouth Korea  ChoJJa
Apr 13Jul 162006 Pringles MSL Season 1$41,93516South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  sAviOrSouth Korea  Nal_rA


Dec 9, 2005Mar 4, 20062005 Shinhan OSL$37,06316South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  iloveoovSouth Korea  July
Oct 17Oct 20WCG 2005$35,00061Singapore OfflineSouth Korea  fOruRussia  Androide
Oct 6, 2005Jan 14, 20062005 LG CYON MSL$42,01816South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  ChoJJaSouth Korea  sAviOr
Sep 30Oct 32005 KTF BiGi KOREA eSports$70,05816South Korea Offlinekhanhanbit
Aug 7Nov 52005 So1 OSL$34,35616South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  AnytimeSouth Korea  BoxeR
Apr 21Aug 62005 UZOO MSL$40,92816South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  sAviOrSouth Korea  Reach
Apr 9Jul 162005 Snickers All-Star League25px$37,8898South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  YellOwSouth Korea  NaDa
Apr 8Jul 22005 EVER OSL$58,17316South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  JulySouth Korea  Goodfriend


Dec 17, 2004Mar 5, 20052004-2005 IOPS OSL$29,75216South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  NaDaSouth Korea  July
Oct 7Oct 10WCG 2004$40,00067United States OfflineSouth Korea  XellOsSouth Korea  Midas
Sep 30, 2004Feb 6, 20052004 You Are the Golf King MSL$40,40816South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  GoRushSouth Korea  NaDa
Sep 8, 2004Jan 23, 20052004 KT KTF Premier League$113,34620South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  JulySouth Korea  GoRush
Aug 27Nov 202004 EVER OSL$56,13716South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  iloveoovSouth Korea  BoxeR
May 20Aug 292004 SPRIS MSL$36,03816South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  iloveoovSouth Korea  Kingdom
Apr 30Aug 12004 Gillette OSL$25,63716South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  JulySouth Korea  Reach
Jan 8Apr 182004 HanaFOS CENGAME MSL$35,76016South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  iloveoovSouth Korea  NaDa


Dec 12, 2003Mar 21, 20042003-2004 NHN OSL$25,90616South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  Nal_rASouth Korea  Zeus
Oct 15Oct 18WCG 2003$35,00058South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  OgogoGermany  Fisheye
Oct 5, 2003Jan 13, 20042003 KT KTF Premier League$107,77720South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  NaDaSouth Korea  BoxeR
Sep 4Nov 302003 TriGem MSL$24,95716South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  iloveoovSouth Korea  YellOw
Aug 1Nov 92003 MyCube OSL$25,44316South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  KingdomSouth Korea  Nal_rA
Apr 17Jul 192003 Stout MSL$12,70116South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  Nal_rASouth Korea  NaDa
Apr 4Jul 132003 Olympus OSL$25,45716South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  XellOsSouth Korea  YellOw
Jan 23Mar 222003 KTEC KPGA Winners Championship$010South Korea Online/OfflineSouth Korea  YellowSouth Korea  BoxeR


Nov 15, 2002Feb 14, 20032002-2003 Panasonic OSL$24,92616South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  NaDaSouth Korea  ChoJJa
Oct 28Nov 3WCG 2002$43,00063South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  BoxeRSouth Korea  YellOw
Oct 15, 2002Jan 18, 20032002 Stout & Baskin Robbins KPGA 4th Tour$5,11316South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  NaDaSouth Korea  ChoJJa
Jul 12Oct 122002 SKY OSL$23,89816South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  ReachSouth Korea  BoxeR
Jul 4Oct 52002 Pepsi Twist KPGA 3rd Tour$4,88616South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  NaDaSouth Korea  Reach
Apr 18Jun 222002 Reebok KPGA 2nd Tour$4,96116South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  NaDaSouth Korea  YellOw
Mar 29Jun 152002 NATE OSL$24,46716South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  SyncSouth Korea  H.O.T-Forever
Feb 14Apr 142002 KPGA 1st Tour$4,52116South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  BoxeRSouth Korea  YellOw


Dec 20, 2001Jan 24, 20022001 KPGA Winners Championship$016South Korea Online/OfflineSouth Korea  MuMyungSouth Korea  Yellow
Dec 5Dec 9WCG 2001$35,00052South Korea SeoulSouth Korea  BoxeRFrance  ElkY
Oct 19Dec 282001 SKY OSL$7,58716South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  GARIMTOSouth Korea  BoxeR
Jun 15Sep 82001 Coca-Cola OSL$7,78216South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  BoxeRSouth Korea  YellOw
Feb 16May 52001 Hanbitsoft OSL$7,73916South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  BoxeRSouth Korea  JinNam


Oct 8Oct 15WCG Challenge 2000$50,00047South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  GoRushSouth Korea  I.Love_Star
Jul 24Nov 12000 Freechal OSL$17,59324South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  GARIMTOSouth Korea  SKELTON
Feb 16May 162000 Hanaro OSL$25,09316South Korea OfflineCanada  Grrrr...South Korea  H.O.T-Forever


Oct 2Dec 301999 Tooniverse Progamer Korea Open$39,75016South Korea OfflineSouth Korea  FreemuraSouth Korea  TheBOy