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[e][h]Terran Pro7ect
Player Information
Jaegon Kim
Alternate IDs:
reps)Pro7ect, kjg0215, rlaworhs

Jaegon "Pro7ect" Kim was a Terran from Russia playing for the fun-gaming pro team (Brood War) and for RoX.KIS (StarCraft II).


The Russian Terran resides in Moscow, but was born in Korea and has Korean citizenship.

His career started on the PGTour server, where he first played Brood War competitively. The Terran's first major tournament entry was Asus Summer 2006, in which he finished in the top 16 after losing to Escape and u3. In the next year, the Terran reached the round of eight again in the Asus Summer 2007 tournament, only losing to Notforu. Due to the hard competition within the Russian scene Pro7ect went widely unrecognized to the English speaking world until most players left after the StarCraft II Beta. In between Summer 2008 and June 2010 Pro7ect went back to Korea to do his mandatory military service.[1]

During 2011 Pro7ect soon became on of Russia's strongest players, eventually replacing Heme as best Terran in the foreign scene. He won several of the Defiler Main Tournaments and organized smaller events on[2]. In addition to his finishes, he also analysed some of his games with Hacklebeast's in Behind the Curtain show[3] and furthermore helped Sayle to set-up a show with in_dove spontenously.[4].

In June 2012, after placing 8th in the Altitude's International StarLeague, Pro7ect announced his complete switch to StarCraft II on his Facebook page[5]. However, in January 2013 he qualified for the Teamliquid Legacy Starleague in the sixth qualifier. After placing in top 16 in 1st TLS he was seeded into ro24 of TeamLiquid Legacy Starleague 2 but he declined his seed.


  • Pro7ect speaks Korean, English and Russian fluently
  • One of the most popular users on
  • Known for his very good manners


In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-06-09 A58th Altitude's International StarLeague 0 : 4  Bibiane $75
2011-12-11 A11st GosuCup Season 1 3 : 2  Michael $100
2011-22-11 A11st Moscow Love Open 2 : 0  Tama 3.000RUB
2008-05-25 A55 - 8th Asus Spring 2008 0 : 1  ALF $110
2007-08-25 A55 - 8th Asus Summer 2007 0 : 1  NotForU $100
In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2012-08-05 A33rd Defiler Tour 41 0 : 1  TechnicS $10
2011-06-03 A33rd MMM Tour 3 0 : 1  anfod $20
2012-02-05 A44th Xsplit Random Invitational 0 : 1  Napoleon $10
2011-11-27 A11st Defiler Tour 30 3 : 1  Topstar $40
2011-10-10 A22nd Defiler Tour 29 1 : 3  Scan $20
2011-10-02 A22nd Ribbon Revival 1 : 4  Sziky $30
2011-09-04 A11st Defiler Tour 23 3 : 0  TerrOr $40
2011-07-24 A11st Defiler Mini Tour 3 2 : 0  Plumbum $10
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