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Protoss BGH Build

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[e][h]ProtossBGH Build
Strategy Information
Protoss versus ?, multiplayer
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To provide heavy-duty backup or support and to act as the meatshield. Since Protoss has the strongest units in-game, it is essential that you either go for a strict rush, or a strict tech.

The Build Orders[edit]

Note: Some of the BOs you see listed here are provided courtesy of StrategyWiki. Be sure to thank them there or visit their link in the External Links section located below!

10/12 Gate Zeal Build[edit]

Theory: This is the most popular and simple zeal build for protoss, because it sacrifices no economy besides the standard scout probe. While not as fast as the 9/10 rush, it is serviceable for a variety of situations, including multiplayer games. Room to solidify your position and tech hard is also granted (done easily by halting zeal production), and it still can yield a fairly decent rush against an unwary enemy.


  • 8/9 – Pylon (scout if enemy went random)
  • 10/17 – Gateway (scout if you have not already)
  • 12/17 – Gateway (11/17 if you scouted late)
  • 13/17 – Zealot, Pylon (in that order, hotkey and rally gate to choke)
  • 17/25 – 2 Zealots, Pylon (in that order, hotkey and rally other gate to choke)

Here is where the build ends, because it depends on the situation what to do next (good scouting helps). If zerg got a decently fast pool, the three zeals can wall the ramp, and you can either tech hard by throwing up the assimilator and cyber core, or continue pumping zeals and rushing with a decent number of them (not to exceed around six, unless he is not teching either). The options from here are up to you, and it depends on how he opened.

10/12 Gate Assim+Zeal Build[edit]

Theory: This close cousin of the normal 10/12 gate is designed to allow gas collection while building up a force of zeals. An assim is substituted for the initial zealot in this case, and the drawback is that the rush will contain one less zealot. The economy that will be diverted into the assim is not needed to mine as you will have enough eco to support your mineral-based activities. The main advantage here is that you will have a substantial gas pileup by time your cyber core finishes, something that is helpful for the mid-game. In PvP you will have enough gas to get legs and robo tech, and in PvZ you will have plenty of gas for temp archive units. This is also a solid multiplayer build as well because of its flexibility and ability to switch to hard tech and then produce mid-tech units once those buildings complete.


  • 8/9 – Pylon (scout if random)
  • 10/17 – Gateway (scout if you have not already)
  • 12/17 – Gateway (11/17 if you scouted late)
  • 13/17 – Assimilator, Pylon (in that order, hotkey and rally gate to choke)
  • 17/25 – 2 Zealots, Pylon (in that order, hotkey and rally gate to choke)

Here gas collection has already begun, and now with good scouting an opportunity to rush may arrive. You can continue zealot production, or you can build a cyber core instead of a 2nd pair of zeals and tech as normal. You will find you will have at least 300 gas (usually a lot more) by time that core finishes, which really broadens your options compared to your normal gas amount when your cyber core warps in (200 at most).

Tech Build w/ quick goons/cyber core[edit]

Theory: This build introduces fast tech on ground maps (assuming there is a ramp). It includes a fast zealot while the cyber core warps for rush defense (hold position with a couple probes on ramp). It is an introductory build that will allow you to go up any tree. It can be done in any match-up, however you will have trouble with fast pool zergs.


  • 8/9 - Pylon (Scout, preferably at choke in case of random zerg)
  • 10/17 - Gateway
  • 12/17 - Assimilator
  • 14/17 - Cybernetics Core
  • 15/17 - Pylon, Zealot (hold probe production momentarily so you can get a pylon in there first)
  • 17/25 - Dragoon, Gateway

From here you can add a gate and begin amassing goons, or you can add citadel tech (then gate), or you may elect to go robo or stargate right away. This is a very flexible starting build, and if the zealot lacks a purpose after a while (assuming he did not rush) then it will make an excellent scout.

5zealot Tech build (vs P/T, no Z, can be used in 3;3s)[edit]

This build is a fairly unknown build, but is extremely strong early-game. Many progamers and foreigners alike tend to use this build when the match-up is either a 1v1 PvP or a 3v3 with no Zerg opponents. The design of this build allows for slightly slower dragoons than the normal 1gate tech build, but allows to you to defend from 2gate zealot pump or 3gate zealot pumps much more easily.


  • 8/9 - Pylon (don't scout if it's a 1v1 PvP)
  • 10/17 - Gateway (make one zealot as soon as it finishes)
  • 12/17 - Gateway (make one zealot as soon as it finishes)
  • 16/17 - Pylon
  • 17/17 - Assimilator (stop probe production at this pop. count)
  • From here on, pump zealots until you have 5.
  • 21/25 - Cybernetics Core
  • 25/25 - Pylon
  • From here on, pump dragoons and resume probe production as your supply allows.

Extra notes: Remember to add in a third gateway before you get your Goon Range first (if it's a 3v3), or tech up Goon Range first before you get your third gateway if it's a 1v1. 2v2's have the same mindset/mentality as 3v3s, so the BO should remain relatively indifferent.

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