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Protoss Counter to 1 Gateway Cybernetics Core

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[e][h]ProtossProtoss Counter To One Gateway Cybernetics Core
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Counter Information
Starcraft: Broodwar

This article discusses possible counters to the Protoss One Gate PvP opening. For the article about performing this opening build see 1 gate cyber Opening.

No Zealot before Core[edit]

If the other player has opted to go for a fast Core with no Zealot opening, almost any Zealot first build will be able to cause damage, depending of course on factors such as the distance between bases, the difficulty of defending one's main, and the scout timing of the opponent.

The main factors here are that the first Dragoon will be out very late and the fact that in small numbers Dragoons are weak against zealots.

Proxy Gates[edit]

Any one or two gate proxy build will cause significant damage to the opponent's economy and may even end the game.

2 Gate Zealots (in base)[edit]

Again, a player who went for a fast core build with no initial Zealot will have a very hard time defending against a constant stream of Zealots produced from two Gateways. A very large distance between mains may give the opponent enough time to defend, but generally a two gate zealot build will always be victorious in this situation.

One Gate Zealots[edit]

This scenario is more dependent on base distance and the existence of a ramp in the entrance of the main base. Generally, if the opponent does not adapt his build to make a Zealot first or has not scouted at all, a constant stream of Zealots off one Gate will be able to cause enough damage to his economy.

In the case this attack fails to do enough damage, the attacking player will be significantly behind in tech.

One Gate Tech[edit]

If the player scouts a goon first build and decides not to attack or doesn't scout it fast enough, his tech will be slightly slower. Therefore he will have to adapt his timing to counter possible fast tech builds and should be aware of the fact that the opponent will have some short timing windows in which to inflict damage, for example with a faster Shuttle and Reaver.

Generally however, a player going for a one Gate tech build with a zealot first will not have a large disadvantage against a player who chose to skip the initial Zealot.

Zealot before Core[edit]

This scenario heavily depends on the wideness of the choke in the main base. A Zealot can completely block a normal sized ramp or small choke and with the help of probes has a good chance of defending it.

Proxy Gates[edit]

A Proxy Gate build will generally be able to do enough damage even on a ramped map, especially if the opponent does not cancel the Core and make a second gate and possibly a Shield Battery. Even if he does cancel the Core, his second gate will be significantly slower.

2 Gate Zealots (in base)[edit]

This scenario is a toss-up. If the map's rush distance is short, chances are the Zealots will be able to overcome the opponent's defense. If on the other hand the distance is large and the other player makes a second gateway asap and brings probes to his choke, he may be able to defend and come out with a large tech advantage.

One Gate Tech[edit]

A Zealot rush off one Gateway will have minimal chances of success against a Zealot-> Goon or Zealot-> Zealot-> Goon build on a ramped map. In a rampless map it all depends on micro.

General Advice[edit]

  • When Zealot rushing a player who opted to get fast Dragoons, always keep one zealot attacking each Dragoon and have the rest harass the mineral line or attack key structures. This way the defending player will have to micro his Goons and defend the Probes at the same time.
  • In any case, it is generally a good idea to have one of the Zealots attacking probes while the rest are fighting the opponent's main army to divide his attention.
  • It is extremely important for inexperienced players not to neglect their base and tech up when money allows in order not to fall behind tech-wise when the rush ends.
  • Micro your Zealots carefully; pull back injured ones for a moment and try to have two or three Zealots attacking one of his together. Avoid having the same done to you.
  • When you are in a Zealot vs Zealot fight, it is crucial not to over-extend, instead let the opponent do it.