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Protoss Counter to Fake Double

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[e][h]ProtossProtoss Counter To Fake Double
Counter Information
Starcraft: Broodwar

This article discusses possible counters to the Terran Fake Double opening. For the article about performing this opening build see FD (vs. Protoss).


Against this relatively all-purpose build, Protoss has multiple options. On a ramped map which is easy to defend, a fast Reaver Drop is often optimal against the later turrets of the FD Build compared to the Siege Expand build. On a map with a wide choke or no ramp, a build such as 10/15 Gate can often overpower the FD Build Terran, as his Siege Mode will be very late. A safer, more economical approach could be 2 Gate Range Expo, 1 Gate Range Observers, or even 1 Gate Range Expo if you are confident in your micro. Even safer is the 2 Gate Range Observers, but then your expansion will be significantly later than Terran, as this build is designed against Two Factory builds (such as the Gundam Rush or the JoyO Rush). Dark Templar builds can work against lesser Terran players who are slow to place Spider Mines, and a DT Drop can be deadly if you can defend the rush with few units.


One of the prime reasons why FD is less used nowadays is the overall improvement in Dragoon Micro. Ideally, against a FD push, you want to shoot and retreat bit by bit towards your base (see Unit Dancing), using the range of your Dragoons to the maximum. In most of the build orders described above, you will have at least 3-4 Dragoons once the push starts rolling. Some priorities for your micro are:

  1. Mines: But only if they are close to your Dragoons, you cannot retreat from them or they cover an important route. Mines inside your base are dangerous, but e.g. Mines that are laid to cover the Terran retreat aren't as important.
  2. Tanks: The main damage dealer of the push is the tank(s). Whenever you have the opportunity, you should get shots off on it. However, your opponent will know that priority and cover his Tank with other units or even bait you.
  3. Marines: Marines die in four dragoon hits but do similar damage to Dragoons as Vultures. So if you can snipe them, do so.
  4. Vultures: When not having placed their mines, Vultures are an excellent target. However, once they have dropped them, they do relatively small damage but take long to kill.