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Protoss Counter to Two Factory

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[e][h]ProtossProtoss Counter to Two Factory
Counter Information
Starcraft: Broodwar

This article discusses possible counters to an aggressive Terran two Factory opening. For the article on implementing a two Factory opening against Protoss see 2 Factory Builds.


2 factory pushes are very powerful when unexpected and when you scout it too late. The safest build is to get 1 gate then a robotics bay, getting fast observers out to immediately monitor the Terran player. This is as safe as PvT gets; you will have enough time with the observers to scout starports, a second factory, or a command center and then react accordingly.

The standard build in PvT is to get 1 gate and expand off of three dragoons. This requires somewhat better mechanics to pull off as you have to be constantly making dragoons. Get no supply blocks, and you should be fine. Always keep your scouting probe alive if you don't know whether the Terran is going 2 fac or not. If Terran walls in and you notice a delayed command center, then the Terran player is going for 2 factory or starport. Add gateways so that gateway count is 3 and build a couple observers, so as not to be taken by surprise by dropships.


Depending on the type of 2 factory push you are facing, there are different types of micro which you can use to attempt to counter it.

  • 2 Factory Vultures

Generally, the best way to micro against 2 fact vult is to never let the vultures surround your dragoons, as this opens up the opportunity to lay mines around them. Whenever the terran tries to do so, micro your dragoons, even individually if need be, to get them out of the surround. If you see an opportunity to mine drag a mine into the vultures, it is feasible to sacrifice a dragoon to do so. It is also a good idea to know Mine Defusing without Observers

  • Joyo Rush/Nada 2 fac

If you are facing a 2 fact with tanks, marines, and SCVs in the mix in addition to vultures, it is advisable to stall the Terran by microing your dragoons from his base back to yours. This not only stalls the 2 factory push, but if done properly can reduce the marine/scv count of the push. This is done by alternating between using hold position and retreating with your goons, so that they stay out of the range of the tanks and marines, but at the same time manage to kill some of the marines and SCVs before they reach your base. If the Terran tries to avoid this by going in with tanks first, it is advisable to move your dragoons in and try to get 1, or possibly even two tank kills. The best case scenario is ofcourse, being able to kill off a tank or two. However, without marines and SCVs defending them, tanks are vulnerable to dragoon fire. Sacrificing 3-4 dragoons to kill 2 tanks is an acceptable trade off, as it will render the vultures and marines useless Here is a short video on countering 2 fact with goon micro:

Hard Counters[edit]

  • 1 Gate tech - 2 factory builds are hard countered by 1 gate tech openings, such as fast Dark Templars, or fast reaver. Of course some micro is still required, however it is unlikely that the 2 factory will achieve its purpose against such builds.
  • 12/13/14 Nexus - Hard counters most 2 factory builds.

Soft Counters[edit]

  • 2 Gate Range


Terran 2 factory is a risky build, in that if it does no damage, and the protoss keeps his expansion, the protoss is VERY far ahead. Thus the mentality you need to adapt is that this push must be stopped at any cost (i.e, cutting probes/delaying tech) because if it is stopped, you are in the clear to expand and tech and cement your advantage.