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Proxy 5 Rax

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[e][h]TerranProxy 5 Rax
Strategy Information
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A 5 Rax build is a cheese build order designed to win the game early. Similar to the 5 Pool build order for Zerg, 5 Rax involves building a Barracks at 5 supply and overwhelming your opponent with an extremely early marine rush. If the build fails to win the game or immensely cripple your opponent, it is nearly impossible for a player to come back in the game due to having such a weak economy and delayed tech. Because of this, it is considered an all-in build order. This build is nearly always used in a proxy location to maximize the damage done.

Build Order[edit]

  • Send out one of your first 4 SCVs
  • With the SCV you sent out, make a Barracks at 5 supply (proxy location, the closer to your opponents base the better)
  • While the Barracks is building make two more SCVs
  • 7/10 - Supply Depot
  • Once the Barracks is finished, start continuous marine pump and rally to your opponent's main.
  • Supply Depots as needed

Things to Remember[edit]

  • Don't lose Marines!! while this may seem obvious, it is crucial to the success of this build to reach a critical mass of Marines.
  • When your first Marine arrives at your opponents base, your opponents Barracks should be around 1/4 to 1/2 finished. Your primary target should be delaying your opponents Barracks by picking off the SCVs trying to construct it. However, Do Not attempt pick off the constructing SCV at the cost of losing your first marine. If your opponent pulls SCVs in time to defend, retreat and wait for your second marine.
  • Avoid letting your Marines get caught up in a worker drill.
  • Although the game will generally will not reach this stage, if you're still fighting and your opponent is trying to get up a Factory, attempt to delay it as much as possible. two Vultures with micro can easily destroy your early Marine force.

Countered By[edit]

Counter To[edit]

  • Standard Factory Builds (especially ones involving a wall-in, as the Barracks will be closer to the ramp and further from your opponent's SCVs)
  • 14 CC
  • A forward Barracks built to get an early scout

Notable Maps[edit]


  • Destination
  • Blue Storm
  • 2 Player Maps
  • Maps with good close Proxy locations
  • Ramped Maps! While this may seem counter-intuitive, when fighting, for instance, two Marines & 1 SCV against 8 enemy SCVs, having a ramp to retreat down and use as a funnel can actually be quite helpful. when doing this make sure your SCV is blocking the ramp in front of your marines.


  • Large maps
  • 4+ player maps

Notable Games[edit]