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[e][h]Zerg Ptak
Player Information
October 31, 1984 (1984-10-31) (age 35)
Alternate IDs:
Ptak, AudemarsPiguet, 187kor
PRØ KiNgz, sfc, NrT, (SomE), MgZ), Excello, NaW-, LRM)


Matija "Ptak" Vragovićis was best Croatian StarCraft player and held that title for many years.

He started playing StarCraft with his friends in PC bangs in the late 90s. PC bangs were quite popular in Croatia back then, though they weren't used for Internet access, but playing games in LAN. After being able to comfortably beat any one of his friends, a feat that, as he says, took him a couple of years, he started playing StarCraft on

There, he was completely out-skilled, but he diligently continued to play more and improve slowly making a name for himself. Ptak joined a few clans and says that he really developed as a player in NrT. Upon joining clan [SomE] he got a track suit with their logo and said that that was his first profit from playing StarCraft. Eventually he joined [[[MicroGamerZ]], a clan that he will stay loyal to until it's end. During the time in MgZ) he became most known and phrases such as 'ZERG POWERHOUSE!' where often chanted before his matches.

After the final disband of MgZ), Ptak played in NaW- team, but left it along some other players because they felt the team is no longer active.

Now he is part of the European PRØ KiNgz which participates in WardiTV, pSy and Alpha Team leagues.


  • His ID 'ptak' was actually a typo, he wanted to type 'patak' which is 'a duck' in Croatian.
  • He is well known for his (funny) Engrish comments.
  • He dislikes cheeses and often teases his opponents after their failed attempts at ending the game early.
  • He ended in the top 3 of 7th season of the non-Korean ladder of PGTour with a rank of A+ and 14000 points.


2010-10-03EC5 - 8thA0PremierWCG 2010WCG 2010Ptak0 : 2 Kal 
Complete list of results in any tournament
  • 1st place Croatian National WCG Qualifiers (*attending* Grand Finals)
  • 1st place Croatian National WCG Qualifiers (didn't attend Grand Finals)
  • 1st place GosuGamers Gosucup #8
  • 1st place GosuGamers Gosucup Season 2 #2
  • 1st place Croatian National WCG Qualifiers
  • 1st place Croatian National WCG Qualifiers (didn't attend Grand Finals, was told he couldn't go and sent a $3000 prize instead[citation needed])
  • 1st place Croatian National WCG Qualifiers
  • 1st place Croatian National WCG Qualifiers

Notable Games[edit]