Queen's Nest

[e][h]Zerg Queen's Nest
Building Information
150 100 38
850 1
V  Q
Unlocked Tech:
Upgrades Available:

The Queen's Nest allows the Zerg player to upgrade the Lair into a Hive. The Queen's Nest does not build any units directly, but enables the Queen to be morphed at any Hatchery, Lair, or Hive. The structure also allows the research of the Queen's available upgrades.

The Queen's Nest is built in the late game to unlock the most advanced Zerg attack units. Even if no Queens are morphed, the building is constructed to allow Hive-tech units, such as the Ultralisk and Defiler, as well as Hive-tech abilities, such as Dark Swarm and the Zergling attack speed upgrade.

The various Queen's Nest upgrades extend the pre-existing powers of the Queen, namely Parasite and Infest Command Center.

The Queen's Nest plays an important role in most match-ups:

  • In the ZvT match-up, Queens are sometimes used to Spawn Broodling Seige Tanks and Ensnare Bio terran armies. Additionally, Ultralisks and Defilers are common late game units. Ensnare is a common response to 2 Port Wraith.
  • In the ZvP match-up, Ultralisks and Defilers are commonly used, as are "Cracklings" with the attack speed upgrade. Furthermore, Queens are sometimes used to Spawn Broodling High Templars, and Ensnare can allow large groups of Corsairs to be surrounded by Scourge.
  • In the ZvZ match-up, Hive tech is rare. However, Queens are occasionally used to Ensnare and slow down Mutalisks.

Upgrades Available[edit]

 100      100      50 (fastest)
Gives the Queen the ability to shoot a web of sticky green fluid over a small area, significantly slowing down units for approximately 40 seconds.
Gamete Meiosis
 150      150      105 (fastest)
Gives the Queen the ability to hold an additional 50 Energy, increasing the Queen's Energy limit to 250.
 100      100      50 (fastest)
Gives the Queen ability to produce and attach a Parasite to any other unit, thus providing the Zerg player the ability to see everything the affected unit can see.

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