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RazoR: Matches

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
Overall 4W : 8L (33.33%) in series, 4W : 9L (30.77%) in games
DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2004-10-07A0PremierWCG 2004WCG 20041:0Ukraine Terran yAn
2004-10-07A0PremierWCG 2004WCG 20041:0Poland Zerg Kazio
2004-10-07A0PremierWCG 2004WCG 20040:1Ukraine Terran yAn
2004-10-07A0PremierWCG 2004WCG 20040:1South Korea Terran XellOs
2004-07-08A1MajorWCG Australia 2004WCG Australia 2004:WAustralia Protoss Legionnaire
2004-07-08A1MajorWCG Australia 2004WCG Australia 2004W:Australia Unknown Filthy
2003-02-19A2MinorWorld Dream TourWorld Dream Tour0:2China Zerg w_y_w
2002-10-3107:00 UTCA0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20020:1Romania Terran Shaman
2002-10-31A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20020:1Netherlands Protoss Strafe
2002-10-31A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20021:0Belgium Zerg NoeNoe
2002-10-31A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20020:1South Korea Zerg yellow
2002-10-30A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20020:1Taiwan Terran EverGreen
2002-10-3007:00 UTCA0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20020:1Russia Terran Ranger
2002-10-30A0PremierWCG 2002WCG 20021:0Philippines Terran PHI006