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Team Information
Player Breakdown
Number of players:
Protoss 15
Terran 7
Zerg 8


The clan RED (Rasierte Eier, Dödel) is a relatively new but pretty successful clan that was founded in 2017.


Team Red was created through a group of german speaking people that have met in "op red" since roughly 2011. The channel "op red" was invented referring to a longstanding member of that group RedW4rr10r. The idea to use it as a nexus for the german speaking players of the "german skype group" was brought up by its founder, Cele. Back when Starcraft Remastered was announced the group decided that they should form a clan and take on the clan league competitions such as BWCL, whilst still remaining to be a somewhat family-type clan.

The original clan Red logo is a revered symbol of the clan. Clan members sometimes call themselves "Dödels" after the beloved logo. However the clan logo was deemed unfit for STPL Season 3 so Red.rOuta created a new logo for STPL use. This logo was named the "Dödelfant", it resembles the Dödel, but isn't the same. The B-squad for team Red was named "Red Elephants" after the Dödelfant. If one stares in the Dödelfants eyes, one can see the true symbol of clan Red.

The Dödelfant


  • Germany  RedW4rr10r 
  • Germany Terran Cryoc
  • Poland  Kronstadt
  • Germany  LarK
  • Germany  RatataTeNG
  • Netherlands  Sea
  • Germany  T45
  • Germany  Klauso
  • Germany  DarkStorm
  • Canada  derkavich (PvZ)
  • Norway Zerg Eriador (PvZ)
  • Germany  FakeFin
  • Russia  QuaD
  • Germany  Zuba
  • United States Zerg Machine
  • United States  Herbmon
  • France  Adel
  • Germany  ALF
  • South Korea  Best
  • Canada  castle
  • Germany  Cele
  • Germany  cReAtiVee (ZvZ)
  • Germany Protoss fischei
  • Germany  Hot
  • Germany  LML
  • Germany Protoss MasterReY (HoRRoRToSS)
  • Germany  pRedatox
  • France  ProM
  • Finland  rOuta
  • Greece  SOStoss
  • United States  TalenT
  • United States  Razz
  • Thailand Protoss Jumperer


Red maintains a friendly rivalry and friendship with clan iRk-, with whom they have met several times in a short time span and even in two clan league finals.

Team Achievements[edit]

  • BWCL, Season 44 (2018)
  • Rookie Teamleague, Season 2