Regular Games

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Regular Games (공식전) or Regular League Games are games in so called regular leagues:

  • Starleague (Star Challenge and Dual Tournament were also);
  • MSL and Survivor Tournament (KPGA Tours were also);
  • Proleague Regular Season and Post-Season matches (KeSPA Cups matches were also);
  • (Some old individual and team leagues were also).

For short: currently Starleague, MSL & MST, Proleague games.
Note: the preliminaries games are counted towards KeSPA Ranking, but not counted for “regular games”.

There are no reliable sources for these statistics, e.g. for NaDa on 2010.06.26:

  1. Fomos DB counted 628 games (374 wins, 254 losses, 59.6%; 2v2 games not counted),
  2. KeSPA DB counted 652 games (389 wins, 263 losses, 59.7%; m.b. 29 2v2 games included but statistics not detailed),
  3. YGosu DB counted 628 games (378 wins, 250 losses, 60.2%; 2v2 games not counted — special search for 2v2 regular games added 27 games, 19 wins and 8 losses).