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Player Information
Jos de Kroon
November 3, 1985 (1985-11-03) (age 34)
Alternate IDs:
Ret, Retje, LLL.ret, ESC.ret, ToT)ret(, ret[Media], Liquid`Ret, ash'ret
LLL., ESC., ToT), [Media], Liquid`


Jos "Ret" de Kroon is a Dutch Zerg player who currently resides in the Netherlands. Formerly a part of ToT and ESC, Ret chose to move to Korea and join Team eSTRO to pursue his dreams of becoming a pro gamer. Ret used to offrace as Terran versus Zerg opponents, but just before moving to Korea he switched to ZvZ, as the Korean leagues do not allow race selection. Ret was one of the first players to use live stream and record his FPV and conversations over Ventrilo, which displayed his high level play.


In 10-2009, Ret was invited to try out in the eSTRO team, following in the footsteps of IdrA (CJ Entus) and NonY (eSTRO). [1] Since moving to Korea, Ret joined team eSTRO and has participated in three Courage tournaments to this date. In his first attempt at Courage, Ret started off with a first round bye. In round 2, Ret faced a Terran who was a Woongjin Stars practice partner. Ret played a hard series, but eventually lost 2-1 and was knocked out by the eventual winner of that Courage. A month later, Ret took another shot at Courage, this time facing a Zerg in the first round. Ret played well in his weakest match up, but was eventually defeated by a score of 2-1 and was knocked out in the first round. The player who defeated Ret was defeated in the second round of the tournament. Ret's third and final attempt at winning Courage met greater fortune than his previous attempts. He made it to the Ro8 before being eliminated. All of his opponents were Zerg, largely to be considered his weakest match-up. However, Ret was not eliminated before himself eliminating a previous Courage finalist.


  • Was invited Korea to the Korean pro-gaming team eSTRO in the fall of 2009. On October 16 2009 he traveled to Korea and joined the team.
  • Played Terran when facing Zerg for a long time, but once he was invited to eSTRO he started playing ZvZ because of the Courage-tournament rules only allowing players to play one race.
  • Lost to Jaedong on the WCG 2008 Grand Finals main stage


  • When the first Ansadi Starleague started, he was supposedly paid to stream his FPview during ladder stage, to increase the popularity of the league.
  • Got monstrously drunk at BlizzCon 2009 and shouted at the CJ team while they were presenting gifts for trivia answers.
  • Beat IdrA at BlizzCon 2009.
  • Took a game from NaDa at BlizzCon 2009 (although lost 2-1).
  • When NaDa was asked about ret's skill later on, he said "Not bad."
  • Finished last place in his WCG 2003 group.
  • In the Ro64 at his third attempt of winning Courage Tournament, Ret defeated Kim Hyeong Joon, fellow Zerg player, Korean celebrity and popstar from the group SS501. The score was 2-0.



Ever since arriving in Korea, IdrA has been considered a favorite in most foreign tournaments. During 2009, he started dominating them, and only IdrA was able to keep up to some extent. They met in the finals of the ESL Major Series Season 4 on the 2nd of August 2009. Ret, coming from the lower bracket, had to win two Bo5 matches. He claimed the first one 3-2, but lost the second 1-3. At Blizzcon, he knocked out IdrA 2-1 in the lower bracket, after both lost to Korean players. In his interview about going to Korea, he replied, asked what excited him most about his new life :

I can’t wait to beat IdrA in every foreign tournament he ever participates in once I will be able to practice as much as he has [1]


Notable Events/Leagues[edit]

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2010-02-28 A55 - 8th TSL 2 : 3 Taiwan  SEn $500
2008-06-02 A59 - 16th 2008 Razer TSL 0 : 2 USA  NonY $100
In Major Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2009-06-15 A11st DreamHack Summer 2009 3 : 1 Ukraine  Dimaga $2,557
In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2017-08-15 A11st StarCraft Remastered Launch Event 3 : 1 USA  Nyoken
2009-08-02 A22nd ESL Major Series IV 2 : 3 USA  IdrA $200
2009-04-25 A11st GameoudLoud Invitational 3 : 2 Peru  CastrO $200
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