Robotics Support Bay

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[e][h]Protoss Robotics Support Bay
Building Information
150 100 19
450 450 1
V  B
Unlocked Tech:

The Robotics Support Bay is an advanced Protoss building. It allows the Robotics Facility to produce Reavers and unlocks a speed upgrade for Shuttles. It also offers upgrades that make Reavers more effective by increasing its Scarab capacity and the damage dealt by Scarabs.

The Robotics Support Bay builds no units directly. Its Plasma Shields can be upgraded at the Forge. The Robotics Support Bay is powered by the Pylon, but if the Pylon becomes destroyed, the Robotics Facility would still be able to produce Reavers.

The Robotics Support Bay is generally built in all match-ups.

In the PvT and PvP match-ups, the Robotics Support Bay is usually built by the mid game to enable the Protoss player to produce Reavers and to research the Shuttle speed upgrade. This upgrade is generally the first to be researched at the Robotics Support Bay to increase the life span of the Shuttle as it endures opponent fire. In the late game, the Shuttle speed upgrade is helpful in High Templar/Psi Storm drops.

In the PvZ match-up, the Protoss player may opt to delay constructing the Robotics Support Bay until the late game, depending instead on infantry troops rather than the Reaver, unless he/she is going for a Corsair/Reaver strategy. In the late game, the speed upgraded Shuttle is particularly helpful during High Templar/Psi Storm drops.


Scarab Damage
 200      200      105 (fastest)
Scarab Damage is increased by +25 to 125.
Increased Reaver Capacity
 200      200      105 (fastest)
Increases the Reaver's Scarab Capacity from 5 to 10.
Gravitic Drive
 200      200      105 (fastest)
Increases the Shuttle speed.

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