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Rogues Gallery

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[e][h]Rogues Gallery
Team Information

Rogues Gallery is a group of StarCraft players and content creators from North America dedicated to growing the competitive StarCraft scene in North America. Their goal is to create competitive events for North American players run by North American content creators to encourage the community to support and build on itself for a sustainable future.


Rogues Gallery puts on a variety of team and individual events.

Turf Wars is a North American all-star team league. Top NA players draft teams and lead them as captains.

Rogue City Rumble is a North American individual star league.

Foul Play NA is an invitational showmatch series.


Event Date 1st 2nd
Turf Wars Season 1 2020-11-07 – 2020-12-01 The CabalThe Cabal The Cabal
United States Zerg StRyKeR
Canada Zerg cRoSs
Canada Terran Whip
United States Protoss Just
United States Terran Unco
Mexico Protoss sfca
Clown KillersClown Killers Clown Killers
Canada Protoss DragOn
United States Protoss BoA
United States Zerg Jiraiya
United States Protoss Tim
Mexico Zerg Galaxy
United States Protoss Khrane
Rogue City Rumble 2021-02-05 – 2021-03-26 United States Zerg Hawk Canada Protoss DragOn
Turf Wars Season 2 2021-05-07 – 2021-06-25 TBD TBD



ID Name Position
Canada Strömkarlen Admin, Artist
United States hazelynut Admin, Writer
United States keen Admin, Caster, Observer
United States Kraazy Admin, Observer
United States Sudo Admin, Observer
United States Ashen Admin, Statistics
United States packrat386 Admin, Writer