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Rondo: Matches

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki
Overall 5W : 11L (31.25%) in series, 11W : 20L (35.48%) in games
DateTimeTierTournamentScoreVs. PlayerVOD
2011-02-06A2MinorDefiler Tournament 8Defiler Tournament 80:1Russia Zerg catral
2011-02-06A2MinorDefiler Tournament 8Defiler Tournament 80:2Hungary Zerg Ace
2011-02-06A2MinorDefiler Tournament 8Defiler Tournament 82:0Germany Terran shadowmoses
2009-07-18A2MinorValor StarleagueValor Starleague:WPeru Terran Fenix
2009-06-20A1MajorZotaC CupsZotaC Cups0:1United States Zerg Squall
2009-05-30A1MajorZotaC CupsZotaC Cups0:1South Korea Zerg yoon
2008-12-19A2MinorSCForAll StaminaSCForAll Stamina0:2Peru Terran Smacker
2008-09-12A1MajorWCG Russia 2008WCG Russia 20080:2Russia Terran BRAT_OK
2008-09-12A1MajorWCG Russia 2008WCG Russia 20080:2Russia Protoss localhost
2008-09-12A1MajorWCG Russia 2008WCG Russia 20082:1Russia Protoss Bruce
2008-09-12A1MajorWCG Russia 2008WCG Russia 20082:0Russia Zerg u3
2008-05-1121:30 UTCA1Major2008 Razer TSL2008 Razer TSL1:2Chile Zerg DinOt
2008-05-03A1Major2008 Razer TSL2008 Razer TSL2:1Canada Zerg XiaOzI
2008-05-03A1Major2008 Razer TSL2008 Razer TSL2:1Russia Zerg Notforu
2008-05-03A1Major2008 Razer TSL2008 Razer TSL0:2Ukraine Protoss White-Ra
2007-12-07A2MinorGosuGamers Christmas ClashGosuGamers Christmas Clash:WPeru Terran Fenix
2007-12-07A2MinorGosuGamers Christmas ClashGosuGamers Christmas ClashW:Poland Zerg TGO
2007-06-18A1MajorQCupQCup0:1Canada Zerg XiaOzI
2007-06-18A1MajorQCupQCup0:1North Macedonia Unknown OctZerg