Royal Road

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The Royal Road refers to a rookie winning an OSL upon his/her first qualification[1] to that tournament. As of 2012, only seven players have managed to do this.

A player who has walked the Royal Road is called a Royal Roader.

OSL Royal Roaders[edit]

OSL Royal Roaders
Event Player Road Taken Overall Score
2000 Hanaro OSL Canada  Grrrr... 11-4
2000 Freechal OSL South Korea  GARIMTO 10-3
2001 Hanbitsoft OSL South Korea  BoxeR 11-1
2004 Gillette OSL South Korea  July 11-4
2005 So1 OSL South Korea  Anytime 10-5
2006 Shinhan Bank OSL Season 3 South Korea  sAviOr 12-5
2007 EVER OSL South Korea  Jaedong 10-3


Although the terms "Royal Road" and "Royal Roader" are OSL exclusive, the same feat (win the tournament the first time he qualifies) was achieved by these players in the MSL:

MSL Royal Roaders
Event Player Road Taken Overall Score
2003 Stout MSL South Korea  Nal_rA 8-1
2003 TriGem MSL South Korea  iloveoov 10-2
2006 GOMTV MSL Season 1 South Korea  Bisu 11-2
2007 GOMTV MSL Season 3 South Korea  Mind 12-7


  • Only two players have won more than one StarCraft league without Royal Roading: Flash and JangBi.
  • Grrrr... can be considered a Royal Roader because he won the first official OSL, although its predecessor the Tooniverse Progamer Korea Open is sometimes labelled as the first OSL.
  • BoxeR would be the only double Royal Roader as he won the KPGA 1st Tour, which was the first MSL title.
  • Mind arguably had the toughest road. He came all the way from the offline preliminaries and beat two bonjwas, sAviOr and iloveoov. In the final he won against Bisu, who was the player to beat at that time.


  1. Qualifying for a major individual tournament refers to reaching the first round or higher.