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Ruin: Results

From Liquipedia StarCraft Brood War Wiki

Premier Tournaments Timeline[edit]


Detailed Results[edit]

2024-05-015th - 8thMajorCasterMuse Narak StarLeague Season 7CasterMuse Narak StarLeague Season 71 : 3-
2024-01-2017th - 24thMajorStarCastTV Star League Season 2StarCastTV Star League Season 21-2Grp S.-
2023-12-131stMajorKCM Team League Season 1KCM Team League Season 1
Team LightTeam Light
2023-11-032ndShowm. (Min.)Peak Battlefield 231103: Mihu vs RuinPeak Battlefield 231103: Mihu vs Ruin2 : 4$20.51
2023-06-131stMinorFSL BIG 1v1 Masters Season4FSL BIG 1v1 Masters Season43 : 1$697.59
2023-03-215th - 8thPremierSanpao StarLeague Spring Cup Season 4Sanpao StarLeague Spring Cup Season 40 : 4$436.75
2023-03-0617th - 22ndPremierASL Season 15ASL Season 151-2Grp S.$747.29
2023-02-049th - 16thQual. (Maj.)Sanpao StarLeague Spring Cup Season 4: KoreaSanpao StarLeague Spring Cup Season 4: Korea2-1Grp S.-
2022-12-271stWeek. (Min.)StarClash 1227 CHN vs KOR Week25.5StarClash 1227 CHN vs KOR Week25.5
South KoreaSouth Korea
2 : 0
Team ChinaTeam China
2022-07-291stShowm. (Min.)Focus Battle 23: AP vs Ruin3 : 2$29.66
2022-07-191stShowm. (Min.)Focus Battle 13: Mihu vs Ruin3 : 2$44.48
2022-02-1623rd - 28thPremierASL Season 13ASL Season 130-2Grp S.$813.57
2022-01-091stPremierASTL Season 3ASTL Season 3
4 : 2
Sunae Chicken SkewersSunae Chicken Skewers
2021-09-1423rd - 28thPremierASL Season 12ASL Season 120-2Grp S.$846.38
2021-06-045th - 8thMajorCasterMuse Narak StarLeague Season 4CasterMuse Narak StarLeague Season 40 : 3-
2021-05-071stShowm. (Min.)Foreign All-Star vs. Korean GamerForeign All-Star vs. Korean Gamer
South KoreaSouth Korea
35 : 1
Team Foreign All-StarTeam Foreign All-Star
2021-02-285thPremierASTL Season 2ASTL Season 2
2-3Grp S.-
2021-02-051stShowm. (Min.)Ultimate Battle Team: emTek Junggyejin vs AfreecaTVUltimate Battle Team: emTek Junggyejin vs AfreecaTV
6 : 3
emTek JunggyejinemTek Junggyejin
2021-01-222ndMinorKCM Challenge 2020 Season 4KCM Challenge 2020 Season 4
0 : 3
2020-12-219th - 12thMajorCasterMuse StarLeague Season 4CasterMuse StarLeague Season 41-2Grp S.-
2020-11-273rd - 4thMinorRaco Clan League Season 3
3 : 6
2020-11-183rd - 4thQual. (Maj.)2020 Star BJ Destruction Season 2: Wild Card
승리는 Me지수승리는 Me지수
1-2Grp S.-
2020-11-099th - 12thMinorAngel Hidi Clan League Season 15
1-2Grp S.-
2020-10-219th - 12thMajorCasterMuse Narak StarLeague Season 3CasterMuse Narak StarLeague Season 31-2Grp S.-
2020-07-263rd - 4thPremierASTL Season 1ASTL Season 1
Dontamra Jeju GloriousDontamra Jeju Glorious
3 : 4
Carariyo BuffalosCarariyo Buffalos
2020-07-132ndShowm. (Min.)Ultimate Battle Team: Isoi Cicago Dice vs Dontamra Jeju GloriousUltimate Battle Team: Isoi Cicago Dice vs Dontamra Jeju Glorious
Dontamra Jeju GloriousDontamra Jeju Glorious
4 : 5
Isoi Cicago DiceIsoi Cicago Dice
2020-06-079th - 12thMajorSanpao StarLeague CellGame Cup Season 1Sanpao StarLeague CellGame Cup Season 11-2Grp S.$70.50
2020-06-0417th - 22ndMajorCasterMuse StarLeague Season 3CasterMuse StarLeague Season 31-2Grp S.-
2020-04-163rd - 4thMinorMoon Raco Clan League Season 2
3 : 5
2020-03-1913th - 16thMinorHAMIC Angel Hidi Clan League Season 14
0-2Grp S.-
2020-03-0517th - 24thMajorCasterMuse Narak StarLeague Season 2CasterMuse Narak StarLeague Season 21-2Grp S.-